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rspeir posted a discussion

The failure of Jason Lisle's ASC paradigm

I have decided to go public with this information because I belief creationists to be seekers of…See More
Feb 2
Robert Driskell commented on Dustin Crider's group 'Presuppositional Apologetics'
"Thank you for that information, Gary. Good point about the Bible being…"
Jan 29
Gary Murray commented on Dustin Crider's group 'Presuppositional Apologetics'
"I'm by no means an expert, but historically speaking, the presuppositional…"
Jan 29
Gary Murray joined Dustin Crider's group

Presuppositional Apologetics

For those who study and practice presuppositional apologetics, or for those interested in learning…See More
Jan 29

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How Matt Walsh could become a YEC

Posted by Michael P Fox on October 30, 2018 at 10:30am 5 Comments

When Matt Walsh writes an article or makes a video I normally find his comments thoroughly well considered, particularly as he addresses points his opposition typically wants to keep out of a discussion. As one who acknowledges facts don't care…


Presuppositions and Biblical Creation Account

Posted by Robert Driskell on August 10, 2018 at 10:31am 3 Comments

Presuppositions, even among Christian theologians, in multiple ways affect the possible interpretations of the Genesis creation record (as evidenced by the fact that I, because I believe Genesis to be literal history, call it the “Genesis record”…


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The failure of Jason Lisle's ASC paradigm

I have decided to go public with this information because I belief creationists to be seekers of truth, even when it seems momentarily unpleasant. Cosmology models will come and go, but we should always take heart in the original and pure cosmology…Continue

Started by rspeir Feb 2.

Developing a Testable Scientific Model of Created Kinds

"For too long, the secular science community has been able to accuse the creation science community of not being able to define a created kind nor proposing testable observations. It is long past time to answer the critics." ... read more of my new…Continue

Tags: model, science, baraminology, kinds, created

Started by Todd Elder Jan 18.

A Thought on Design

So we often speak of the creation as showing evidence of design and rightly so, but in a way it bugs me to say that God designed all of this.  When I think of design I see a process, full of trial and error, corrections, improvements made over time,…Continue

Started by Paul Harvey Allerding Jan 16.

ICR has its wings but needs to fly straight on feathered 'dinosaurs".

ICR's acts/facts (jan) had two articles on birds and dinosaurs relationship. Jerry Bergman and brian one a great case is made how the old example of a dinosaur becoming a bird, the Archaeopteryx, has been demolished by better research EVEN…Continue

Started by Robert Byers Jan 8.



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