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Dan replied to Dan's discussion 'The Light Thing Again'
"That's fastenating. My thinking is that whatever light was on day one, it seems to me to be…"
2 hours ago
Donald Smith replied to Dan's discussion 'The Light Thing Again'
"What is light? Here is an altnernative: I was…"
5 hours ago
Robert Byers replied to Dan's discussion 'The Light Thing Again'
"i just wrote a thread on this . The bible, implies, light was created by God. Not light sources. so…"
May 15
Dan replied to Dan's discussion 'The Light Thing Again'
"See, this is confusing. I just posted The Light Thing Again and there was no place that indicated…"
May 12

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Refuting the Critics: Hell's Existence & Purpose

Posted by Jacob Wallace on March 24, 2018 at 12:43am 0 Comments

   Wow! It has been so long since I last posted here. Although, I really didn't have much to talk about. But, I have found quite some interesting articles of questions to Christians. There are so many and the answer would be quite long that out…


Book Recommendation

Posted by jordan wooddell on January 12, 2018 at 12:09pm 3 Comments

Hello, I wanted to see if anyone had a good recommendation for a book that covers a variety of biblical creation theory topics (results of the 7 day creation, the flood, Babel, dinosaurs...)? Not necessarily a book that debates creationism over…


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What is the difference between the Greek words paraptōma and hamartia?

I am trying to get a full understanding of the Greek words paraptōma and hamartia.I know that the two words appear together in Ephesians 2:1:And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; I also know that in the Majority Text (or…Continue

Started by Douglas Collins on Saturday.

The Light Thing Again 4 Replies

So I had yet another thought about light. Without rereading my previous questions and the answers given in them, I remember asking about whether it is possible for the existence of different kinds of light. This evening, something occurred to me…Continue

Tags: day-age, gap, theory, progressive, old

Started by Dan. Last reply by Dan 2 hours ago.

ICR and TIME and just spare a little here please.

ICR/Acts?facts did a interesting and welcome article on the concept of tIME by Brian Thomas.Time is a subject rejecters of the bible bring up to debunk it.a great p[oint was made about how Hod said there was a begining. so this defeats ideas about…Continue

Started by Robert Byers May 2.

ICR and convergence and lets expand the equation.

ICR, Acts/Facts had a must read, must reflect, article by Dr. Randy Guiiuzza (May).In it he makes a great case for how like traits across all types of creatures demands seeing it as a innate mechanism, already in the system, to explain this and a…Continue

Started by Robert Byers May 2.



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