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Floyd commented on Jacob Wallace's blog post 'Why Death is NOT Good.'
"In my experience, inconsistencies represented in the form of logical fallacies block the sceptic…"
8 hours ago
Jacob Wallace posted a blog post

Why Death is NOT Good.

   I have had some people--after explaining to them that death before the literal fall is…See More
16 hours ago
Dan commented on Steven Craig's page 'Creation Q&A'
"Hello. So I've been discussing with a friend's brother about the existence of God, and we…"
Rebecca Phillips commented on Robert Driskell's blog post 'What about Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel?'
"There are many parts of christianity that can be known by logical reasoning. They could know that…"

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Why Death is NOT Good.

Posted by Jacob Wallace on December 2, 2016 at 9:48pm 1 Comment

   I have had some people--after explaining to them that death before the literal fall is contradictory--tell me that nothing is wrong with death, or it's actually good. It comes to no shock to me to hear such a response from some-one who never…


Transgenders and Spirits in the Atheistic Worldview

Posted by Jacob Wallace on November 5, 2016 at 9:30pm 2 Comments

   So it just occurred to me that when one says he/she is transgender, they're saying that spirits exist and their spirit is a female spirit trapped in a male body. Yet atheist proclaim spirits don't exist. How can that work?

   To be…


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How does Lou explain the existence of fossils? 3 Replies

Just shutting down the discussion is not really very nice.You cannot just evade your own discussion question.Will the opponents of this site kindly answer their own question?Recently an opponent of our position here at Creation Conversation accused…Continue

Started by Jim Brenneman. Last reply by Gary Murray on Tuesday.

Question about what the fossil record actually infers? 35 Replies

How does the flood account for the presence of fossilized seashells on mountain tops?   Floods erode mountains and deposit their sediments far below in valleys, not on mountain tops?  Fossils are found in the same positions they occupied during…Continue

Started by Lou Hamby. Last reply by Lou Hamby on Tuesday.

All this birds are from theropods jazz examined.

On a other blog the issue of how birds have very like anatomy with fossil dinosaurs called theropods keeps coming up to demonstrate common descent proved by the likeness of bird bones and theropod bones.I have another angle on it.Creationists should…Continue

Started by Robert Byers Nov 15.

What is the age of my specimen?

Mark Armitage asked:What happens when I want to submit a piece of dinosaur bone for radiocarbon dating?Why does the lab want to know (before any work is done on my specimen), what is the age of my specimen?…Continue

Started by Donald Smith Nov 6.


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