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Terry Kott replied to Terry Kott's discussion 'Animal Death and "Very Good"'
"He keeps trying to prop up his argument by man's words [the early Church fathers] and…"
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Jim Brenneman replied to Terry Kott's discussion 'Animal Death and "Very Good"'
"Yeah, that's part of it. However the Bible does not say "Since by the devil came…"
Terry Kott replied to Terry Kott's discussion 'Animal Death and "Very Good"'
"I think his quandary is that he thinks since the devil "sinned" before The Fall that that…"

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Creation In Apologetics now on the web!!!

Posted by Isaac on January 16, 2016 at 2:16pm 10 Comments

Creation In Apologetics is now on the web!!! Here's the link below:

Feel free to go and check it out. Please let me know what Yall… Continue

Planck's Confirming Discovery Any Human Can See

Posted by Steve Sorensen on January 11, 2016 at 3:00pm 0 Comments

This lil’ ole tin like antenna lookin’ like granny’s ole flour scoop is what they say discovered #BigBang evidence. They had to scrape some bird droppins’ off first though. I understands that. Now they gots that space ship called Plank or somethin’… Continue

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Critique of New Logo for Website 2 Replies

I am working on the logo for my website and am wondering how it comes across to…Continue

Tags: logo, Baraminology

Started by Todd Elder. Last reply by Robert Byers on Tuesday.

Animal Death and "Very Good" 10 Replies

It seems [to me] as if Lou is inferring that animal death existed prior to The Fall. But this inference does not correlate with Scripture.We see in Genesis 1:31--  And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the…Continue

Started by Terry Kott. Last reply by Terry Kott on Thursday.

Discussion ReOpened on "Fixity" of Species 2 Replies

On fixity of species the Original Poster said …Continue

Started by Jim Brenneman. Last reply by Robert Byers Jan 25.

Theory of coal formation falsified. 6 Replies

Here is the short version of the paper.  New Standford Univ. press release today indicates the prevailing theory for decades regarding the generation of coal is wrong. The authors submit a new hypothesis based on geology to replace coal formation.…Continue

Started by Lou Hamby. Last reply by Robert Byers Jan 25.



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