What fact do we most often miss when presenting the Gospel that makes it the true Gospel? Upon what does all of Christianity hinge?

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Floyd commented on Floyd's blog post 'Biological Creation'
"Lou, formalism produces selectable freedom and adaptable variation. Formalism of all kinds involve…"
Lou Hamby commented on Floyd's blog post 'Biological Creation'
"Floyd, Mark... The term "adaptable" variation... I discussion context what are you…"
Lou Hamby replied to Jim Brenneman's discussion 'Are the Scriptures we hold today RELIABLE? Can We Have Confidence in the Scripture?'
"Excellent post Jim...  All men are without excuse...."
Jim Brenneman replied to Jim Brenneman's discussion 'Are the Scriptures we hold today RELIABLE? Can We Have Confidence in the Scripture?'
"I have every confidence in SCRIPTURE, that they ARE God-breathed, and the Holy Spirit leads all…"

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Update for Creation In Apologetics

Posted by Isaac on March 10, 2016 at 6:28pm 6 Comments

Been awhile since yall heard from me. Things are changing for my ministry. We don't have the website anymore due to issues with the network. We have a Fb page and we have 34 likes so far. The link is… Continue

Expectations of Creation Conversations (URGENT READ)

Posted by Gary Murray on March 10, 2016 at 9:43am 0 Comments

I pray this will help better explain what is expected from users at Creation Conversation, future posts and how important it is that we adhere to the standards of this website.

Statement of…


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Genesis 1, the Creation Week: Issues and Views 1 Reply

How I interpret Genesis chapter 1, vs. 1 and 2, is fairly ordinary to a human being. My that I mean that a normal, fully functional human brain would not take pagan traditions regarding water and sky to heart. Rather, such a brain would take the…Continue

Started by Daniel Pech. Last reply by Daniel Pech Apr 22.

Comparing Kinds with Micro/Macro Evolution 1 Reply

I am working on an illustration for my upcoming book. Does this chart comparing Kinds with Micro and Macro Evolution make sense? (I am assuming you are familiar with the issues involved). Any suggestions for improvements or other details to add?…Continue

Tags: macroevolution, microevolution, kinds, created

Started by Todd Elder. Last reply by Robert Byers Apr 8.

Acts/facts 9ICR) do great article on rodents and convergent evolution chaos theory

Acts/Facts (ICR April) had a great article on evolutionist claims about rodent evolution by Mr Sherwin. The article documents how putting rodents into evolutionary families is in chaos because of two reasons. the first is obvious in about the…Continue

Started by Robert Byers Mar 31.

Healthy longevity or virus-driven pathology

I was not surprised to see the link from virus-driven energy theft to all pathology reported in Acts & Facts.Viral Genome Junk Is BunkExcerpt: “The most parsimonious answer is: the…Continue

Tags: transfer, RNA, DNA, hydrogen-atom, immunity

Started by James V. Kohl Mar 28.


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