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How Matt Walsh could become a YEC

Posted by Michael P Fox on October 30, 2018 at 10:30am 0 Comments

When Matt Walsh writes an article or makes a video I normally find his comments thoroughly well considered, particularly as he addresses points his opposition typically wants to keep out of a discussion. As one who acknowledges facts don't care…


Presuppositions and Biblical Creation Account

Posted by Robert Driskell on August 10, 2018 at 10:31am 0 Comments

Presuppositions, even among Christian theologians, in multiple ways affect the possible interpretations of the Genesis creation record (as evidenced by the fact that I, because I believe Genesis to be literal history, call it the “Genesis record”…


FORUM... Welcome to the Conversation

ICR's Ice age ideas just needs to smooth out some edges.

ICR's Acts/facts(nov) by Jake Hebert did a excellent job of debunking the ice age claims of lon time geologists etc. It did a great juob of suggesting the ice age came from volcanic action. I disagree that the flood is the origin of the this because…Continue

Started by Robert Byers Nov 1.

Micro-Paleontology Update 1 Reply

Some might remember my post from about two years ago, as I was searching rock grinding methods for microfossils.I finally found a published paper on rock grinding methods from a University in Arizona, plz check it out if you are interested. I am…Continue

Started by Noah. Last reply by Noah Oct 29.

What Limits Biological Change? - Video at Baraminology Quest 2 Replies

Any thoughts on what this video is currently lacking?What limits the amount of variation that occurs within a kind and prevents evolutionary change?  Come watch the new Baraminology Quest video at:…Continue

Tags: genetics, limit, kinds, created, baraminology

Started by Todd Elder. Last reply by Todd Elder Nov 7.

paleo-biogeography and YEC timelines anmd fossil birds.

ICR, acts/facts, had a important article on a subject that does help YEC. Jeffrey Tomkins/Tim Clarey/sept.The interesting point is about a kind of bird found in fossil in Americas but now only living in Africa.they conclude the bird fossil is from…Continue

Started by Robert Byers Sep 6.



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