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Lou Hamby replied to Lou Hamby's discussion 'Question to all? About Pre-flood rain?'
"Thanks Phil...  My reason was more biologic than any thing else.  Also with respect to…"
7 hours ago
PhiloNibbler replied to Lou Hamby's discussion 'Question to all? About Pre-flood rain?'
"I personally have no problem with rain pre-flood. As a follow-up I was thinking today about the…"
11 hours ago
Lou Hamby posted a discussion

Question to all? About Pre-flood rain?

Some say no rain until the flood?  HOW did the animal and plant fauna & flora GOD created exist…See More
Timothy Bukowski replied to Jaalah Rise's discussion 'Witnessing'
"Oh, have I ever...I have dialogued with evolutionists and atheists for years, and while I see some…"

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Spiritual Need Without God?

Posted by Kirk A. French on May 22, 2015 at 9:15am 1 Comment

Today I read an article from the New York Times by David Brooks titled "Building Spiritual Capital". This article talked about the need for spiritual development in…


Faith shattered again

Posted by PhiloNibbler on May 21, 2015 at 11:41am 2 Comments

I decided to rewatch the Ken Ham -Bill Nye Debate last night. I already knew how Ham and Andrew Fabiche distorted the e. coli discoverey - it was evolution, not just a "switch turning on/off" - but this is really disturbing. When I discovered…


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Question to all? About Pre-flood rain? 2 Replies

Some say no rain until the flood?  HOW did the animal and plant fauna & flora GOD created exist without water?IF there was water was it in the form of rain?  OR?  Lastly where is the Scriptures that say there was no rain.There was water that fed…Continue

Started by Lou Hamby. Last reply by Lou Hamby 7 hours ago.

Creationist Fired, Finding Soft Tissue On Triceratops

Mark Armitage a creationist allegedly was fired from a well known university for discovering soft tissue on a large triceratops dinosaur and has allegedly filed a lawsuit in Superior Court over it.(SEE)-…Continue

Started by Ronald Stewart May 13.

Witnessing 14 Replies

Has anyone on here ever tried witnessing to atheists or evolutionists on the internet?  If so, what are your stories, or where are some areas you could use some encouragement in?Continue

Started by Jaalah Rise. Last reply by Timothy Bukowski yesterday.

Does genesis tell when Abel was killed and so how many people threatened Cain? YES! 2 Replies

The bible says eve had Seth when Adam was 130. Seth was the immediate replacement for Abel. So abel and Cain were about that old.therefore there was as many people around as could accumulate in 130 years from Adam/Eve creation.So this could be in…Continue

Started by Robert Byers. Last reply by Robert Byers Apr 25.


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