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Creation Conversations Refresh

Creation Conversations Refresh Our Administrative Team here at Creation Conversations just wanted to take a moment to update you on some of…

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When "did" Satan fall?

He was sharing the morning with God at one time, He seems to be musical in some way, he fell to earth?  Other mentions besides the garden s…

Started by Lou Hamby

4 5 hours ago
Reply by Lou Hamby

Hooray for ICR. A teaching on human/ape likeness based on a common blueprint.

acts/Facts/June(ICR) had a article by Jeffrey Tomkins on human/ape likeness based on DNA. i really enjoyed and applaud this article for it…

Started by Robert Byers

0 6 hours ago

Conversations with those having a different set of presuppostions

How is is possible to converse about astronomy with someone who believes the earth is flat? Or someone who believes that the moon is made o…

Started by Jim Brenneman

0 9 hours ago

The cartoon dragon of modern YEC

below are my two most recent posts to CreationTalk on yahoo groups. I'm posting them here for those who, I suppose, might not wish to rece…

Started by Daniel Pech

0 on Friday

Edens River description proves its paradise origin because modern rivers are only from the fall.

The bibles description of Edens river, seems, to say it flowed from somewhere and then became four heads for offshoots. this is not how riv…

Started by Robert Byers

0 May 18

Could you draw Noah's Ark for a coloring page?

I have found 3 decent Noah's Ark coloring sheets online for older classes, but this story is a favorite for the youngest crayon users and n…

Started by Cheri A Fields

23 May 9
Reply by Todd Elder

ASC in trouble?

Jason Lisle's Anisotropic Synchrony Convention may have difficulties that I had not considered:

Started by Douglas Parsons

13 May 2
Reply by Brian Guiley

Acts/facts and dino facts.

ICR acts/facts (May) by Brian Thomas had right repeat about dinosaurs and the bible. yet I must complain opportunity is lost. The dino worl…

Started by Robert Byers

0 May 1

Brainstorming for Promoting Creation Truth in "Asia"

what are some innovative ways we can share creation truth in "Asia"? 1. Discuss unique culture and physical traits of various people groups…

Started by Jim Brenneman

1 Apr 24
Reply by Robert Byers

Chronic/Painful Artritis Treatment - diet, HBOT, etc?

I'm going to list some things that help some but need more pain relief.  I am not a doctor and will try to list ones with limited side affe…

Started by TrustJesus

11 Apr 20
Reply by TrustJesus


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