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Creation Conversations Refresh Our Administrative Team here at Creation Conversations just wanted to take a moment to update you on some of…

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Salt stalagmites mimic cave stalagmites but are created quickly and great analagy for YEC science.

YEC must answer the endless claims that cave stalagmites, growths of stuff, show long timelines that confound biblical timelines. They do t…

Started by Robert Byers

4 12 hours ago
Reply by Robert Byers

Doesn't The Bible Say Not to Follow Authorities When They Condone What the Bible Condemns?

I've heard it somewhere. Like, i.e. abortion is good in civil law.

Started by Jacob Wallace

2 on Thursday
Reply by Jim Brenneman

Mankind eating mega fauna, when did that take place?

When in your opinion did man begin eating Mammoths and Wooly Rhinos --- Pre or post flood or both?  We have evidences from the Alaska, Cana…

Started by Lou Hamby

18 on Thursday
Reply by Gary Murray

How should a Christian Answer this Question?

A question posed to me: "If the Bible says kill babies would you do it?" If I answer no, then I won't be following the Bible and they will…

Started by Jacob Wallace

5 Mar 18
Reply by Jim Brenneman

Question about the beginning?

ISV Genesis 1When the earth was as yet unformed and desolate, with the surface of the ocean depths shrouded in darkness, and while the Spir…

Started by Lou Hamby

10 Mar 13
Reply by Jim Brenneman

Acts/facts refuting biologos and I try to help.

Acts/facts had a article on Japanese lake varves which touched on other subjects by Jake Hebert(Mar) They were taking on four points Biolog…

Started by Robert Byers

15 Mar 11
Reply by Jim Brenneman

ICR acts/facts has beautiful article on convergent evolution.

ICR acts/facts(mar)had a beautiful excellent article on how convergent evolution, so invoked by evolutionists, is deadly damaging to evolut…

Started by Robert Byers

0 Mar 5

coal question

coal has been produced in lab experiments. does anyone know a citation of manmade coal that has been burned? i know manmade oil has been us…

Started by Jeremy

1 Mar 2
Reply by Jim Brenneman

ICR is still hopping the wrong way on marsupials .

ICR(acts and facts feb) had a needed article on why Australia etc has kangaroos and marsupials and not elsewhere. By Brian thomas. The idea…

Started by Robert Byers

2 Feb 15
Reply by Robert Byers

I'm stumped.

So I'm attempting to challenge some assertions being made about worldviews by a PineCreek (a self-professed former Christian whose stated p…

Started by Dan

4 Feb 15
Reply by Donald Smith


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