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Creation Conversations Refresh

Creation Conversations Refresh Our Administrative Team here at Creation Conversations just wanted to take a moment to update you on some of…

Started by Steven CraigLatest Reply

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What is wrong with this that would make celebrated YEC's reject it?

. I sent the following to multiple celebrated defenders of YEC, but the only reply I got to it was of unexplained rejection. Can anyone her…

Started by Daniel Pech

13 13 hours ago
Reply by Robert Byers

Canopy Theory or Biblical Revelation of Realty

We read Genesis One, verse one and we see that the fundamental reality of Scripture is that "In the Beginning God created the heavens and t…

Started by Jim Brenneman

4 yesterday
Reply by Daniel Pech

Creation of the biosphere thoughts...

My problem with Ross and others is that "biologically" assuming a creator with the power of God, knowing symbiotic relationships and the cr…

Started by Lou Hamby

12 yesterday
Reply by Daniel Pech

Guy on Twitter Just Keeps Using "prove it"

Obviously, because he ran out of something rational to say and can't think of a more irrational copout. But seriously, he won't quit saying…

Started by Jacob Wallace

8 on Tuesday
Reply by Gary Murray

Dr. Jason Lisle's blogs at AiG website

Where has Dr. Jason Lisle's blogs on the AiG website gone to? ;) I usually follow them, and the last time I did was his blogs on God's Laws…

Started by Tebong Einstein

10 Jul 12
Reply by Mary White

Should Christians take a vow of poverty in order to be "right" with God?

When I read about Solomon he called himself a "servant".  Jesus asked the rich young ruler to sell everything. Nicodemus came to Jesus by n…

Started by Lou Hamby

4 Jul 12
Reply by Jim Brenneman

On the Astronomy-Biased Hermeneutic of many modern YEC's

. Adam and Eve were created in the daylight. So their first experience of their world was that divided between that daylit sky and the Eart…

Started by Daniel Pech

0 Jul 12

Post-Flood Dispersion of Unique Variations within the Lizards Kinds

Walk through a scenario as to how my sample lizard (fringe toed-sand lizard) got to its place, the desert of Southern California? How long…

Started by James (Jim) Brenneman

43 Jul 11
Reply by Jim Brenneman

Ran into the coolest Primordial Soup photo!

Of course I added a caption...

Started by Cheri A Fields

0 Jul 10

ICr and chimp smiling and our babies smiling cirrection.

ICR (Acts/factsjuly) did a interesting and cool article, Brian thomas, on why chimps don't smile. Its important to point out this differenc…

Started by Robert Byers

0 Jul 3


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