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Creation Conversations Refresh

Creation Conversations Refresh Our Administrative Team here at Creation Conversations just wanted to take a moment to update you on some of…

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Meaning of "Earth" in Genesis 1:1-2

What is the meaning of “Earth” in Genesis 1:1? Scientists who are Christians are trying to figure out what this word might possibly mean. S…

Started by Jim Brenneman

0 1 hour ago


Is SPAMMING Email justified. I have been receiving massive amounts if email from Christian sources in which I did not sign up or request..…

Started by Fred J Morgan ThD.

0 on Friday

My replies to Lou

Lou Hamby said: There are some on this web site that treat Christians with a different view with disdain... Jim has very particular thing…

Started by Daniel Pech

2 Sep 13
Reply by Daniel Pech

What is the Relationship between Chapter One and Chapter Two of Genesis?

 What is the Relationship between Chapter One and Chapter Two of Genesis? How does the answer relate to the view of this forum - that all t…

Started by Jim Brenneman

14 Sep 8
Reply by Jim Brenneman

On-Going Collection of the Same old Same OLD

One Person comes to this forum time after time, as a troll, looking for opportunities to attack us and tell us that our Scriptural Statemen…

Started by Jim Brenneman

9 Sep 8
Reply by Jim Brenneman

What is the relationship between Chapter One and Chapter Two of the book of Genesis?

I'm not very good at knowing what is off-topic, nor simply realizing that something is off-topic. This is especially a problem when I don't…

Started by Daniel Pech

0 Sep 8

Which Bible Version?

   I get the question "Which Bible version?" I think most are accurate but many say the KJV is most and all others are trash. How do I resp…

Started by Jacob Wallace

3 Sep 7
Reply by Brian Guiley

ICR acts and Facts makes great point about memory and "brain".

ICR Acts/facts aug had a great article on the brain by Jeffrey Tomkins. The insight was about how glorious the memory was and recently real…

Started by Robert Byers

0 Aug 30

How Atheist Refute Themselves by Bringing up the Distant Starlight Problem

   This is just a thought that occurred to me. After I thought about how Blue Stars don't last that long and how the distant starlight prob…

Started by Jacob Wallace

1 Aug 22
Reply by Robert Byers

The meaning of time and the "Beginning" in Genesis One, verse one - Is it the beginning, and is there really a creation week?

We read Genesis One, verse one and we see that the fundamental reality of Scripture is that "In the Beginning God created the heavens and t…

Started by Jim Brenneman

20 Aug 17
Reply by Daniel Pech


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