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If Space is moving faster than light, then...

If space is moving faster than light, then wouldn't that mean that the reason we can see distant galaxies is not because of the light trave…

Started by Dan

2 Dec 8
Reply by Paul Harvey Allerding

If Evolution Were True

If evolution (in the molecules to man sense) were true, then something so remarkably complex as humans, if produced by this "evolutionary p…

Started by Paul Harvey Allerding

0 Dec 8

What Limits Biological Change? - Video at Baraminology Quest

Any thoughts on what this video is currently lacking? What limits the amount of variation that occurs within a kind and prevents evolution…

Started by Todd Elder

2 Nov 7
Reply by Todd Elder

ICR's Ice age ideas just needs to smooth out some edges.

ICR's Acts/facts(nov) by Jake Hebert did a excellent job of debunking the ice age claims of lon time geologists etc. It did a great juob of…

Started by Robert Byers

0 Nov 1

Micro-Paleontology Update

Some might remember my post from about two years ago, as I was searching rock grinding methods for microfossils. I finally found a publish…

Started by Noah

1 Oct 29
Reply by Noah

How Do I Respond To This Flat Earther?

Yes the Earth is flat. Crazy as that may sound it's the truth. Isaiah 40:22 It is he that sitteth above the circle (not sphere) of the Eart…

Started by Juan Prince

6 Oct 11
Reply by Tony Breeden

paleo-biogeography and YEC timelines anmd fossil birds.

ICR, acts/facts, had a important article on a subject that does help YEC. Jeffrey Tomkins/Tim Clarey/sept. The interesting point is about a…

Started by Robert Byers

0 Sep 6

Responding to Daniel Bank's De-conversion From YEC

On November 19, 2014, Biologos published an article by Daniel Stork Banks called "Confessions of a Failed Young Earth Creationist."  In thi…

Started by Justin Derby

3 Aug 29
Reply by Jim Brenneman

Fantastic ICR article on the flood boundary in the rock/fossil sequences. Fantastic

There was a fantastic ICR (acts/facts jan) article by Tim Clarey in which, it seems to me, a rare aggresive assertion was made by YEC resea…

Started by Robert Byers

10 Aug 29
Reply by Jim Brenneman

Hydroplate Theory - Digging into its details

Howdy saints. Here are some key videos that help describe the details of the HPT and help us understand how all that transpired prior, duri…

Started by Lou F. Reyes

1 Aug 25
Reply by Lou F. Reyes


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