Here are the notes from the One-day Training on Origins Apologetics

One-day Design on Origins for Campus Young People

GOAL: Demonstrate how Natural Revelation reveals God, so all have no excuse.

As shown in the Bible (Ps. 19:1; Job 12:7-10; Rom. 1:19-20; Act 14:15-17).

INTRO: What is amazing, what impresses us about nature?

Show Videos of Comparison of Astronomy Objects – galaxies & planets

  • Share briefly about how amazing the creation is to me: Stars, Ocean, etc.
  • Small Group Discussion: Share about things OBSERVED from the natural world that have a big impact on you, that amaze you: Immense or Intricate, Universe? Cell Life? DNA, the Cell, Waterfalls? What would you like to see?

I. Where from? The Universe, the Cell, Love, Personality. . .Two Views of the Origin of Everything –  Neither of these two origins views has been observed by any human.

  • Naturalistic View – using string: A Long Time and Gradualism, undirected – or by chance, no guidance by any outside mind. 13.7 b years, Beginning with Big Bang. Evolution – gradual progress, from one kind to another.
  • Special Creation View – using puzzles. Designed: Like a Cell Phone, it simply cannot make itself. Uncaused Cause. The simple cell is really very complex:

Show Video of Complex “Simple” Cell Life

II. Neither view is “Scientific” – observed, but what are the Scientific Evidences that support the view of 13.7b years? Each group list real evidence, not just assertions and claims, or appeal to mysterious authority of “science.”

>>> 1. Big Bang – proof of evolution and eons of time.

 – This is no proof, only a speculative assertion, a myth, no solution to “First Cause” dilemma (existence), or purpose and personhood.

>>> 2. Astronomy – shows how stars are formed over long time

 – Only an assertion, not proof. It did not require time. Never observed happening. Gas does not condense in a vacuum.

>>> 3. Dating Methods – presumed rate of change, like C14, K-Ar, erosion, etc.

>>> 4. Geology – obviously a long time, gradual, lower layers older, millions of years for most, slow erosion, formation of earth, plates, crust.

>>> 5. Fossils – had to take a long time, and they show a steady progress from one species to another, from microbes to man, clear progress in the “record.”

... .... a. Dinosaurs – Extinct long ago (62m ya), transition to birds & mammals.

... .... b. Cavemen – first ape types, crude tools, fire, shelter, music, language,

Show the Circular Reasoning of these “Big Three.” All speculation, not science.



III. Show what the Bible Teaches in Simple language.

  1. Special Creation: uncaused Cause (Gen. 1:1-3; Ps. 33:4-6-9; Job 38:1-4-5)
  2. In a supernatural week of Creation Activity (Gen. 1:31; 2:1-3; Ex. 20:11).
  3. Essentials of Very Good World – for man (Ps. 115:15-16; Acts 17:25-27).
  4. Evil & Death begin (Gen. 3). Men deny
  5. Astronomy – Only an assertion, not proof.
  6. the Creator (Rom. 1:18-23, 28)
  7. Progress of man in good & bad (Gen. 4-5) until Flood (Gen. 7:11 w 11:10)
  8. Flood (Gen. 6–9): Why?, Prep, Flood, End of Flood (2 Pet. 3:3-7)
  9. Post Flood – Residual Events, Technology, Babel, Dispersion, Shorter lives.

IV.  The Same Evidences support “Recent” Special Creation

  1. Big Bang – This is no proof, only a speculative assertion.
  2. Astronomy – Only an assertion, not proof.
  3. Dating Methodspresumed rate of change, like C14, K-Ar, etc. All assume the past was the same. Must be verified. Like a pot of potatoes
  4. Geologyobviously a short time, rapid, no consistent “column” lower layers often younger, absence of erosion between layers, folding, multi-layer fossils, dating methods often point to much younger than millions.
  5. FossilsMust form in rapid burial; if long time they would decay or be eaten. Require minerals in water, and helped by pressure. AND they do not show progress, from one species or family to another, never always distinct chasms between kinds – impassable gulfs. . non-existence>Being>non-living>living >plant>animal >invertebrate>vertebrate >fish>amphibian >reptile>bird >reptile>mammal >ape primate. human

>> a. Dinosaurs – No Transitions, C14, Soft-tissue, Contemporary with Man

>> b. Cavemen – fraud, imagination, mistakes, scattered collection, sparse actual remains used for vast artistic imagination. Actually highly intelligent, sudden inexplicable rise of civilization and language. Yes there may have been some rather ignorant people, but these rather are degenerated downward – as Job (30:1-8; Rom. 1:26-27). Likely the different forms of humans due to life-spans into 200-300 years. But early human remains show knowledge of life after death, worship and hope of redemption, sacrifice, altars, seeking ONE TRUE GOD.

Conclusion: The God who made 1 x 1024 stars, and the complex cell, and love and personhood, and whales, and flowers, and beauty, atoms, DNA, magnetism – this God must be boundless and wise, and all love and mercy and invites us to experience His wonder and glory. Offer yourself to Him, open yourself to His calling and drawing. If you desire, He will find you – Ps. 119:176

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The approach is to show that the very "evidences" used to support undirected naturalistic views of origins, are actually PROOF of the biblical revelation.

The speculations about origins from the naturalists are NOT supported by observational science.

Observational Science actually affirms loudly that the God of Heaven has made all these things:

But ask the beasts, and they will teach you; the birds of the heavens, and they will tell you;
or the bushes of the earth, and they will teach you; and the fish of the sea will declare to you.
Who among all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this?
In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.

JOB 12:7-10

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