15 difficult questions for evolutionists (Link to Article @ Creation.com)

Thought this was pretty good. Nothing ground breaking, but a pretty good article exclaiming a few difficult questions Evo's struggle with. Most of these are well known, but for those new members who are joining CC, if you're fairly new with researching evolution vs creation debate, this is a good read to cut your teeth on.

Be blessed!

15 Questions touch questions for Evolutionists

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While its true that these questions aren't new, believers shouldn't fall into the trap and feel they need to overstate their case, nor concede the ground in their arguments as if the unbelievers have provided proof for theirs.

Evolutionist often don't actually know what has evolved. Try and pin someone down on a hierarchical direction of the change, they'll just basically tell you it means change. Something you already knew and agree with.

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