So we often speak of the creation as showing evidence of design and rightly so, but in a way it bugs me to say that God designed all of this.  When I think of design I see a process, full of trial and error, corrections, improvements made over time, a lot of effort put into thinking through, calculating, testing etc.  But with God, none of that happened.   Perhaps he just laid it all out perfect and made it happen, but I think it is more like God didn't really design anything, he just created it perfect to begin with. 

Ok, so I am splitting hairs and being too technical (my wife says I get too technical on many things), but it is a good point so it seems to me.  And surely we don't want to stop talking about design in "nature," as it is a very good way to show people that designed things don't just happen.  But I think we have to realize that God didn't necessarily "design" anything, he just made it happen, spoke it into existence.  With his infinite mind and knowledge and power it didn't take any effort to "design" the cosmos.

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In many, many places in the Bible, the wisdom of God is discussed, both old and new testaments. God give wisdom to those who ask Him in faith. All true wisdom comes from God. Wisdom is part of reason and understanding and using knowledge. God also foretells the future perfectly and then makes it come to pass.

In that men are created in God's image, though limited in ability, they use the same process God uses to plan things, only his planning is perfect, as he is the God of all knowledge and wisdom, and surely much faster.

"Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord..."

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