ICR acts/facts (May) by Brian Thomas had right repeat about dinosaurs and the bible. yet I must complain opportunity is lost.

The dino world grabs peoples interest but does not fit with a modern world and so its like a strange world.

YEC should better as the WHY the strange world existed back then.

i say it was not strange. IUts strange now

1) First because noah had a clean/unclean ration for creatures which would mean from a math equation that the clean would, post flood, out reproduce the unclean. 

so a new world if it was the opposite before or equal.

2) there are no dinosaurs but only KINDS. tHe classification is suspect. dinos were just kINDS of creatures. not related any more then a snake to a turtle. Yet also wrong are they classifed as reptiles like some big family God created. Rather creatures simpkly have like traits for like needs. Don't jump to a family conclusion.

3) the use of proverbs about a dino is wrong i think. there were many hugh creatures in the fossil record who are not called dinos. Egypt had fossil beds of them not far from Job's observations. Yet not called dinos. the fossil record ruins seeing big creatures as just dino ones. behemeth was unlikely a dino breeding tribe remaining.

In fact yEC should desire the extinction soon after the flood of these "dinos" . 

finally remember size is only a relation of health in the animal kingdom.

All creatures were bigger in the old days. Dinos were no different or special.

they would not be big in a post flood world or many centuries after.

Only small like other creatures. there is a error about size.

YEC could make a more persuasive case for dinos being not special or defining the pre flood world. Just more unclean creatures.

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