Acts/Facts had a article by Brian thomas(october) about facial recognition by apes and so on.

It was a important subject.

However I think modern creationism should be more aggresive in insisting we do not have brains. We are souls, immaterial, as the thinking being. the only connection of the soul with the physical world is by the memory.

just ass jesus was placed in a human memory connection with his soul upon conception/birth. thats why Jesus GREW IN WISDOM as a child. He could not remember the wisdom he already had before coming to earth. his soul was confined, like us, to a memory system.

So i disagee with tHomas saying BRAINS come specially wired to recognize faces.All the recognizing is done by the memory. So us or apes memorizing faces/butts is a trivial thing.

the apes are dumber and faces less important. 

our observation of facial details to communicate with each other is simple memory work. unimpressive.

If we accept there is a brain then it interferes with the SOUL/Body concept taught by the bible.

The bible never brings up the brain. it talks about the mind(memory machine) , the heart, and the soul and spirit.

its consistent from front to back. NO BRAIN is involved in human intelligence.

Its evolutionist concepts that need a brain to have a place for the thinking being.

When we leave this world we think fine. Though leaving the head behind.

All human intelligence can be reduced to the soul and the memory i suggest and insist.

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