The reason I ask is some based the Rapture on the date of Creation.

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Well, there's not prohibition against it.  However, belief in young earth creationism would not necessitate any particular belief as  it pertains to end times.  That I know off, all of the different beliefs regarding end times draw their support from the bible, and not extrabiblical sources, just a matter of trying to determine prophetic things is difficult.

I have heard no rule against discussing the rapture in a Christian way; you might check the rules of engagement again, but that would seem to fit here to me (in fact, I think some folks have already brought it up in divers places.

I'm not sure what you mean by "some based the rapture on the date of creation."  The rapture (as I see it) is based on several Scripture passages, including 1 Thessalonians 4:16-5:2.  I have never heard it connected to creation, much less the date of creation.  Could you expound?

To Brian and David,

Thanks for your responses. As I understand this website believes in young earth and agrees with Bishop Ussher's 4004 BC as the date of creation of man. I heard of some prophecy teachers  who quotes the one day is to 1000 years, and a 1000 years is a day unto the Lord.The Bible also mentioned a thousand reign of Christ. The creation was done in 6 days and God rested on the seventh day.

Some equate the six days of ceation to 6000 years that man was allowed to rule or have dominion or experiment on this earth. The seventh day or 1000 year as others see is for the reign of Christ. Some believed that between the 6000 years age of the earth or man's life on earth and the 1000 years of Christ is transitioned by an event called the Rapture. People who are leaning on this view and believing that we are about 6000 years old believes we are on the general time of the Rapture.

I believe the ideas you are referring to would be addressed best here:

To Brian, I looked at the article that you recommended. It basically talked about the belief of Harold Camping and his interpretation of eschatology. I hope you are not comparing me with Harold Camping. Camping believes 11,013 BC as the date of creation, making the earth's age as 13000 years while I tend to believe that man's age is 6,000 years.

By the way, I am observing that echatology is the not the main focus of this website.

If Ussher's 4004BC date is spot on, then the concept of six days plus one day symbolising 6,000 plus 1,000 years clearly fails, since we are now more than 6,000 years past creation.  However there may be ways of tinkering with Ussher's assumptions to bring his creation date down a little, for instance if Stephen erred (but was accurately recorded) in stating that Abraham did not enter Caanan until after his father had died (Acts 7).  I don't support the 6,000 plus 1,000 years idea but it is still potentially viable.
Most young earth creationists do not insist on Ussher's exact date of 4004 BC (though it is certainly a reasonable possibility, and probably approximately correct even if not exactly correct). However, when talking about a subject like this, we should be cautious and keep in mind Matthew 24:36-44, which seems to indicate that we cannot know the date of the end times.
 I do not believe in date setting but I believe and pray that I am prepared and in God's hands everyday. Thanks Colin and Justin.



Did not mean to insinuate, but the ideas of setting a specific date, or trying to know such a thing is addressed in the article as well.  A lot of the ideas are addressed there too (a day is like a thousand years) - Some also think that there are distinct eras throughout history corresponding to the "7 days" - I tend to steer clear of such ideas, personally. 


One of my pastors put it best when he said I'm a pro-millenialist.  I don't know what will happen, but I'm for it whatever it is.  I will admit it's fun to dabble, but avoid trying to pin down when, just like to look at what will happen.

Thanks Brian,

You are right it is better not to speculate. However eschatology is one of the subjects that fascinated me.

Main thing for the Christian is living for the Lord. I am also getting to the point that prophecy teachers

are somewhat at a loss of what will happen but I try to get the general idea from them and from my study.

Yes it is written that no one knows the day and the hour of Christ's return but we can tell when it is near.

It is also written that when we see certain signs, look up for our redemption draws near.

A friend of mine, when asked whether he was an a-millennialist, a pre-millennialist, or a post-millennialist, responded, "I'm an imminent-millennialist.  Regardless of when it happens, it will happen."  That has always amused me.  It doesn't further the knowledge of the discussion, but it's entertaining.  :-)

Is Harold Camping the gentleman from Family Radio who is predicting ":Judgement Day" - the end of the world - will occur in just over a weeks time on Saturday 21st May?


I rather listen to my Saviour Jesus Christ who said in Matt 24:36 "But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only". So, I'm not losing any sleep about this but I must say what irks me most is that there are fellow Christians out there who will believe Camping and try to "prepare" (how do you prepare in this instance?) for the 21st, and when nothing happens, will then start doubting the Bible instead of Camping himself!


Concerning the timing of the Rapture - not the date! - I know there are some divergent views/beliefs as to WHEN this will occur in relation to the Great Tribulation (see Matt 24:14-28). Some are of the belief that the Rapture will occur pre-Trib, others mid-Trib and still others post-Trib. Surely only one of these is correct or they are all wrong. My question is this: Why is there so much difference in understanding of this event which is so crucial and so intergral to our Salvation?


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