I need your advice, brothers and sisters! 

A friend of mine has been asked to talk about what she believes "stewardship" means in the Bible. She is confused and has asked for my help. I have lots of verses that talk about stewardship but am trying to put it into words is another thing. 

Does anyone have some advice on how to "frame" this or explain it well?

Thanks in advance!!!!

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This page might give some ideas to work with, although it is just an introduction to some topics surrounding stewardship. http://www.baraminology.info/genesis/mankind/dominion-man/

The dictionary defines a 'steward' as":

1. a person who manages another's property or financial affairs; one who administers anything as the agent of another or others.

2. a person who has charge of the household of another, buying or obtaining food, directing the servants, etc.

3. an employee who has charge of the table, wine, servants, etc., in a club, restaurant, or the like.

As this world and indeed this universe, belongs to God, whatever responsibilities we have, or are given, comes under the heading of 'Stewardship'.  This included those things that we own and the money we have, they are God's and we are the stewards of those things for a season.  When we loose those things, it is so much easier on us to acknowledge that those possessions are God's and not ours.  Of course, we also have a responsibility to look after our home planet, not to do damage, not to abuse the Earth, and to 'care' for everything around us.  We are all given gifts and skills that enable us to be a good good stewards, and as Christians, it is a sin if we misuse or don't use, those gifts.  To which I would quote one of Jesus' parables,  Matthew 25:14-30 .

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