what are some innovative ways we can share creation truth in "Asia"?

1. Discuss unique culture and physical traits of various people groups around the world and within Asia. Emphasize that we are all of "one blood" (Acts 17; Gen. 9:19).

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Why not bring up why asians look the way they do. Why after the flood they adapted some physical traits as opposed to others? This would introduce the willingness of YEC to see biology changes while remaining in kind. Including the mechanism problem/issue.

One could say, what I think, that the asians in eye lids and hair were adapted to deal with a chilling wind as they migrated east from babel. Hiting the tailend of the 'ice age".

Adapted forwind and chill. Also possibly they kept the original colour of Noahs family as it seems their colour is not relevant to the climate. unlike everyone ellse almost. A possibility.

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