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It’s the goal of Creation Conversations to provide a safe, informative and productive resource where fellow Christians of all demographics can come and grow in truth and knowledge of our Creator. We understand that the love Christians have for our Lord and the desire they have to profess His truth is a passionate endeavor. Sometimes emotion can get the better of our judgement and disagreements can cause heated exchanges. This being the case, Creation Conversations and its moderators agree that a zero tolerance policy (ZTP) must be in place for our community to thrive.

We are kindly asking you to take note of our forum rules and act accordingly to ensure friendly, positive and fun place for everyone. Our admins and moderators will assist in guaranteeing a harmonious environment and therefore have the right to enforce the stated guidelines and rules, as well as have the final decisions on all matters. Please note that we reserve the right to amend and modify the guidelines and rules at any time. It is the user’s responsibility to keep updated on community's policies.

Users violating community guidelines and rules can be banned, and inappropriate content be removed at any time and without prior warning. The length of the ban may vary depending on the frequency and severity of the violation. All decisions made by our staff moderators are final.

Please observe the following guidelines, in addition to our community rules:

  1. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding any form of harassment, insult, personal attack, or inflammatory posting targeted at members, staff or any other person interacting within the community. We will also not tolerate offensive, vulgar or discriminatory language and posts on the forums. Moderators and administrators have the right to delete such content and to ban accounts of violators without prior warning.

  2. Abuse in any form, whether blatant or passive, directed at any community member will not be tolerated.

  3. Abuse in any form directed at moderators, administrators or Creation Conversation or its staff will not be tolerated.

  4. Our statement-of-faith is plainly explained as are the rules of engagement. Creation Conversations and its staff ascribe to the 6 literal 24 hour day creation event (also known as the "Young Earth" or "YEC" position) and a catastrophic world-wide flood account as explained in Scripture and supported by evidence. We do not wish to suppress various worldviews and perspectives, as we welcome discussions to answer and explain this position, however, any attacks whether blatant or passive on this position or those members who hold to this position or evidence/Scripture thereof will be subject to moderation and review. Simply questioning this position without the willingness to answer for or explain an alternate position you may hold would be considered a form of harassment.

  5. You may only create one account here at Creation Conversations. Members found to have multiple accounts will result in the ban of both accounts indefinitely.

  6. You may not discuss disciplinary actions by the staff, administrators or moderators publicly. This includes – but is not limited to – actions such as account banning or deletion of posts and threads.

  7. Please be fair and do not hijack other posts. Stay on topic and please do not start a new discussion or debate in the middle of a thread dedicated to one issue. Begin a new discussion on a different page if you wish to expound on a different topic.

  8. Disregarding warnings or infractions given to you by our staff, administrators or moderators can result in further consequences, such as the ban of your account.

  9. All aforementioned rules do also apply to private messages between members. We will investigate any report sent in concerning abuse via private messages. However, our staff, administrators or moderators are not obligated to read or reply to private messages. You may not publicly post private messages in any form without receiving express written consent from the original sender.

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Seems like great rules for a evangelical Christian place.

I note , as a longtime poster everywhere on subjects, everybody(well not me) gets mad and nasty. Maybe those who care are not a sample of society but malce seems to always make an appearance.

hurt feelings aplenty at the least.

a form for ideas does mean frre speech is the law if truth is the objective in contentions.

However there is no need for unkindness and its fellows amongst strangers. Its not your family and okay.

Its a job to keep an eye on adults "talking".

lord bless.

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