I am working on an illustration for my upcoming book. Does this chart comparing Kinds with Micro and Macro Evolution make sense? (I am assuming you are familiar with the issues involved). Any suggestions for improvements or other details to add?

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This YEC does not agree that KINDS have anything to do with present human classifications.

For example I say marsupials are just the same kinds as elsewhere with the minor details of pouches etc. So a marsupial wolf is just a regular wolf. It was only migration to certain areas that brought the marsupial traits.

Likwise I see bears, wloves, probably seals as of the same kind that came off the ark.

I see all snakes as the same KIND. 

So what a KIND is IS not defined well because the fall ruined the KINDS created on creation week.

I think YEC is wrong to say genus is the KIND.

Anyways I suggest a big question mark while for sure emphasizing species are not KINDS and all humans are ONE KIND despite differences in looks.

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