I have found 3 decent Noah's Ark coloring sheets online for older classes, but this story is a favorite for the youngest crayon users and nothing- I mean *nothing*- I found is reasonably accurate while simple to color in.

So, I'm putting out a call to any of you who are gifted in art. Or, perhaps you know someone skilled like this who would be willing to make a simple black line drawing available online for Sunday School classes and families to download and print out?

Here's what I mean about what's available not being useful for a preschool class. It's far too busy and would just frustrate the little ones:

Plus, we need some with the Kinds represented well!

Thanks. :-)

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I think I can try that. I hope others join in as it is good to see different perspectives.

Todd Elder said:

I think I can try that. I hope others join in as it is good to see different perspectives.

That would be so awesome! I've set up an article that should get some decent SEO traction and am happy to link to any artists who offer a drawing. We just need it to be freely reproducible.

Thank you. :-)

Okay, give me a few days and I will send some drafts of the ark and of some other related ideas ... I was already in the practice stages of making my own coloring pages to place on my website ... for free of course.

Why not have a contest? Invite kids to read simple article about the Ark, and then submit drawings for various aspects of the biblical account - construction, lading, boarding, life inside, "rooms" (Heb. "nests"), the overhead noon opening (tsohar), sending out birds, debarking, and the rainbow. . . ?

Recently in "Asia," as an experiment to illustrate how dragons might have been depicted, I asked kids to draw pictures of dinosaurs. They could be combined in a coloring book. Some were clear definite species of dinos, others were composites of several different kinds. Interesting - much the same as how dragons are often a combination of several different memories.

The ark should not be a boat/ship like. It really was a box. Just like the ark of the covenant.

Nobody was steering it.

Here is a first draft of the ark without any animals. Is this what you are thinking of? Or what would improve it for that age group?

That's cool! But, It's still busy. Think plain paper with thick crayons or marker tips in little hands.

What my biggest issue with Ark pictures is the difficulty of grasping the scale. Perhaps some tiny figures in solid black near the ship with a few larger ones in the foreground would work? The Ark itself doesn't need to be that big if the trees, animals, and humans near it are obviously dwarfed by its bulk.

I so appreciate you trying your hand at this!

this is the same problem I have when I try to find things in simple language for my work in Asia. . .

Okay ... back to the proverbial "drawing board".  Simplify, and add a few props for scale ... that should be doable.  [is 'doable' a word?]

Sorry for taking so long, the recent storms hindered my time for projects like this.

Here is rough draft #2. A little simpler and with a few props. I think the elephants are too big, but making them any smaller would make them difficult to color or even recognize. What are your thoughts?

That's looking good, Todd!
I really like the idea of trees near the ark. What I've figured would work for the animals would be to have just a silhouette blob of a few near the ark with a trail or some other way to show distance so a couple can be in the foreground to color.
As you are also aware, the animals shouldn't even look like recognizable modern species.
It's a daunting task, but who better to take it on?

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