Hey everyone, 
     Please share your thoughts, ideas and experiences about (creation) evangelism. (or do you tend not to bring up origins unless they bring it up?)
What tracts have you used?
What questions do you start with?
Do you think leaving tracts in public places is a good idea?

For example, at my university I left a CREATION.com buiseness card in a Scientific American that was a human evolution saturated issue.

Should you use pre-planned methods? Or do you think you should just go with wherever the conversation leads?

 With my youth pastor I have used and handed out the CMI Question Evolution pamphlets to start conversations. They are great tracts by the way, especially with the students from my old high school which we were standing by on their lunch.
 We'd start with different questions all the time in wide ranges from:
"Do believe you're related to primates?" -to-"What do you think of God or a higher power?"

You don't have to answer my specific questions if you don't want to just share anything about creation evangelism that would give us all some more ideas for witnessing.

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Hi Matthew,

Nice to see you here. It's quite a challenge in Asian countries. Honestly, my church doesn't see Creation apologetics as evangelism. It's very sad, they have their own way of evangelising and it's very difficult to talk to them.

I really do not know how to get people and churches aware about this. Thoughts are appreciated. 

Should you use pre-planned methods? Or do you think you should just go with wherever the conversation leads?

I think it is not an "either/or" proposition. Both are valid.

The Bible says we should "know how to answer" and that we should be "ready to give a reason," both of which imply some degree of preparation.

But at the Well Jesus seemed to follow the conversation, but it could be more a matter of His "STEERING" it.

It's a broad subject. I say persevere with it. Though it may seem like people aren't responding, its the seed sowing stage that the Lord will produce fruit from in His own good time. All the primary evidence is already there to reject evolution. People often get scared of what they don't know, or what they think others know that might embarrass them. So they shy away from certain issues. Even church majorities. In this case seek those who share your interest on the subject and build from there within the church. Keep it disciplined though, and don't fall for any old wind of doctrine that will harm you. Back up what you say with verified facts referencing your material.

It was the same with climate change. It started with small groups and alternative media presentations arguing about the affect our living is having on the planet. This was often derided by the mainstream media, but now the opposite is true.

I saw/read a testimony of Roger J. Morneau: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ird-BKuPRlw who got involved with Satan worship. In it he testified that Satan would take charge of evolution himself and not leave it to the other fallen angels. That is who we're fighting against in the creation verses evolution controversy.

Eph 6:11-13  Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

I am in the same boat as Matthew as our church does not focus very much on creation apologetics, and I also agree with Donald. This is a very broad subject and I don't believe there is a 'one size fits all' approach. At the heart of my apologetic, I classify myself as a presuppositionalist which a light sprinkling of evidentialism mixed in. :) However I also see the benefit of classical apologetics and the other methods too. I say all this to make my point that I believe it really depends on the audience you are speaking to. I have found creation apologetics very useful when speaking with someone that has a difficult time accepting the elements of the gospel message (literal Jesus, cross, tomb, etc.) I took a co-worker of mine, an actuary (very rational thinker) to an Answers in Genesis conference once and after hearing the rational evidence for Noah's flood; afterwards I took him to the Gospels and showed him where Jesus referred to Noah.

Long story short, I believe creation apologetics is beneficial when a logical connection needs to be made for someone who struggles with the authority of God's Word. If there was no literal Adam and Eve and no literal fall, then why did we need a Savior? However, if the creation account is literal and can be accepted as such, then what does that say about the rest of Bible?

So to answer your question plainly, I would study up on the various methods of apologetics because I feel you will find yourself in various situations where one method may be more appropriate than another. One of my favorite books is "Five Views on Apologetics" It presents a case for different apologetic methods and then other scholars critique one another. I think you will be able to glean some valuable insight on finding which methods may work the best for which situation you are in. 

God Bless you, brother for being interested in finding ways to share God and His gift of salvation with others. 

The necessary precursor to the GOSPEL (The Good News) is the BAD NEWS. No Genesis, No Fall, No Bad News, and instead man is gradually progressing upward to join the alien life throughout the universe. There is no place for the Gospel to take root for those who don't grasp at least inwardly the truths of Genesis.

CMI  www.creation.com  has a Question Evolution  T Shirt  that I have worn.  I see people looking at it.

There is one gospel the Christ crucified and died resurrected and and redemption of men by the power of His blood, this is the only gospel the that the apostles taught and spoke of, everything outside of the paradigm is discussion material, but ultimately you must get around to Christ.....the example of our church fathers was very strong...trying to win a creationists battle is not going to bring people to see their need for Christ..... 

Without the truth of Creation and the Fall, a sinner will never see himself a sinner. This was Paul's necessary approach in his preaching at Athens, on Mars Hill (Aeropagus).

When we say there is one gospel, that is so true. All Christians agree that there is one gospel. And Creationism is integral to that Gospel. As Lou as well noted, the essence of the Gospel is the redemption of mankind by the power of Jesus' Blood. The question that is answered only by creationism is "Redemption from What?" And this Gospel was first proclaimed by Jesus himself in the Garden, when He promised redemption by offering himself as the Seed of the Woman to have His own heel crushed in order to crush the head of the serpent, thereby providing redemption from the power of sin.

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