When Jude wrote his epistle, he implored believers in all ages to be diligent in their defense of the faith. And the faith clearly was, and is, belief in Jesus Christ as Creator and Redeemer. As we celebrate Easter, let us also celebrate those who like have given their all to make sure we also are able to defend our faith.

Honor a teacher, preacher, or author who has taught you the authority of God's holy Word and the necessity of defending it.We look forward to being inspired by their dedication and life's work.

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If there is anyone I would like to honour for helping me in defending my faith it would have to be the following:

Drs. Henry Morris and Whitcomb - for publishing their book "The Genesis Flood". They helped in not only solidifying my suspicion of evolution but gave me the basis for the bibilical worldview in which I can better understand the world around me.

Ken Ham and all the staff at AiG, as well as those at CMI and ICR - these organisations, and especially their staff, have put out scientific-based articles that have been of tremendous help to me in finding answers to my science questions and given me insight into a world that I find fascinating and intriguing.

I pray that God will bless them and keep them functioning for many, many years to come because they help Christians in not only understand but also in defending the gospel and the scriptures.

Thanks to Ken Ham, Dr. Jason Lisle, Doug Wilson, Josh McDowell, Ravi Zacharius, and Dr. Johnathan Sarfati , just to name a few, who helped make my faith a strong and defendable one.

I would have to say that Ken Ham has probably been the leader for me in this pursuit. The team that's been assembled at Answers in Genesis is tremendous. I spend a lot of time in the car for work and have been listening to many podcasts over the last few years. Here's a list of my favorite teachers/preachers/podcasts...

Ken Ham (and really all of the AiG people)

Ravi Zacharias

Jim Wallace (Please Convince Me Podcast)

William Lane Craig

Greg Koukl

John Lennox

Albert Mohler

Toby Logsdon (Bible Study Podcast)

Lenny Esposito

Doug Groothuis

The gang at ICR

Lee Strobel

The two men that come to mind are Mark Schuler and Daniel I. Block. , Dr. Schuler instilled in me a love for Greek and New Testament during my undergraduate days at Concordia University. Dr. Block taught my Old Testament class at Wheaton College graduate school. He brought the Old Testament to life in ways that I never thought possible. I'd like to honor both of these men who impacted my life more than they'll probably ever realize. Through each of their teaching, I came to a better understanding of the authority of God's word, both Old and New Testament.

KEN Ham was integral in my learning to defend my faith!

Ken Ham is probably the person that really started things for our family. While both my husband and I were brought up in the church and strong in our faith, it wasn't until we started reading some of the books from Ken Ham and then visiting the Creation Museum that things clicked when it came to teaching our daughter and spreading the word. Through places like Answers in Genesis and ICR, we've been introduced to other wonderful men (and women) who teach the truth from the beginning which has enabled us to better equip ourselves and in turn, our daughter. We have a stronger foundation for our beliefs. For this, I am truly grateful.

Many resources I have purchased from the Creation Museum, many by Ken Ham, have helped me teach my children better ways to Defend their Faith.  I am very thankful for such resources!!

Ravi Zacharias has opened my eyes to a logical, love-filled walk with Jesus.

I would like to learn how to better defend my faith and believe this book is a good start.

Oh where to begin! i'd site some of the usual responses- Ken Ham, Lee Strobel, Doug Wilson, Josh McDowell... One i didn't see mentioned is Israel Wayne, who really relates homeschooling as a call to Christian righteousness, and also a former sunday school teacher named Kurt, who really showed me for the first time, the balance of grace/truth and the incredible impact that makes in one's life. 

I can always turn to AiG, CMI, and ICR for biblical answers to creation and other scientific questions, and I thank God for these ministries. For daily and weekly teaching regarding biblical authority and discipleship, I am so thankful for my pastor and friend, Brody Holloway, at Snowbird House Church. He is humble yet authoritative in his teaching and lives out his faith daily in his walk with Christ.

Thanks everyone for your comments today! Since there are 14 unique comments here, and we chose to giveaway 10 digital copies..let's just go ahead and give everyone who commented today a free digital copy!


This includes:

Please email me at katie@newleafpress.net and let me know which format you would like to have (i.e. Kindle, Nook, iPad, or PDF).

Congrats everyone!!

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