When Jude wrote his epistle, he implored believers in all ages to be diligent in their defense of the faith. And the faith clearly was, and is, belief in Jesus Christ as Creator and Redeemer. As we celebrate Easter, let us also celebrate those who like have given their all to make sure we also are able to defend our faith.

Honor a teacher, preacher, or author who has taught you the authority of God's holy Word and the necessity of defending it.We look forward to being inspired by their dedication and life's work.

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I can always turn to AiG, CMI, and ICR for biblical answers to creation and other scientific questions, and I thank God for these ministries. For daily and weekly teaching regarding biblical authority and discipleship, I am so thankful for my pastor and friend, Brody Holloway, at Snowbird House Church. He is humble yet authoritative in his teaching and lives out his faith daily in his walk with Christ.

Thanks everyone for your comments today! Since there are 14 unique comments here, and we chose to giveaway 10 digital copies..let's just go ahead and give everyone who commented today a free digital copy!


This includes:

Please email me at katie@newleafpress.net and let me know which format you would like to have (i.e. Kindle, Nook, iPad, or PDF).

Congrats everyone!!

The one who really got me interested in apologetics is Greg Koukl. I have to say my influence regarding creationism was ICR.

I would really like to add this book to my library.

My first exposure to the idea that 'science' wasn't really science until I got a copied, copy of a VHS tape of Kent Hovind. Already in my 40's at that time, and never heard of Creation Science or Henry Morris/John Whitcomb. I really appreciate the guy , named Dave, that gave me that old worn out VHS tape.  :)

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