"For too long, the secular science community has been able to accuse the creation science community of not being able to define a created kind nor proposing testable observations. It is long past time to answer the critics." ... read more of my new article at the Creation Club: https://thecreationclub.com/developing-a-testable-scientific-model-...

Any thoughts: good, bad, indifferent?

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We believe in the realities described below, so to engage in discussion with us about Creation reality while denying this reality is utterly disingenuous.

These beliefs are copied and pasted from our "Statement of Faith" - - >

  1. The great Flood of Genesis was an actual historic event, worldwide (global) in its extent and effect.
  2. The Genesis Flood was a significant geological and global event.
  3. By definition, no apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the Scriptural record. Of primary importance is the fact that evidence is always subject to interpretation by fallible people who do not possess all information. “Science” must never be the basis for interpreting Scripture; rather, Scriptural truth is always the final authority and the basis for understanding legitimate observations of Science.

At Creation Conversations this is our belief - those who are a part of the Creation Conversations family agree with these positions - as a foundational consensus for all of our additional discussions.

If anyone does not agree with these understandings - that is ok. It has no bearing on their salvation. However, if anyone does not agree with these understandings - but then pretends that they agree with us and attempts to discuss other topics of Creation - they should understand that they will never ever be able to contribute to our discussions of what happened before or after the Flood, or about how the Flood affected the present diversity of of life on the planet, or how the global bio-sphere was transformed by the Flood.

Very simply, since such a brother does not accept the Flood, then we are plainly unable to carry on any kind of reasonable conversation about the currents state of the varieties of species on the earth. One who denies the Global Flood also denies one of the most foundational and significant influences on the present diversity of life on the planet. While you may be a creationist - you are not talking about the same planet that we are talking about. 

We are talking about a planet in which all of the current animal diversity inhabiting the entire globe was developed from two original parent pairs of "ARK-Ancestors" representing each of the animal bara-miyns that came off the Ark (except for the "clean" animals). WE believe that this global Flood took place about 4300 years ago - or possbly as much as 5000 years ago - not 15,000 or 20,000 years ago.

All life on earth today is descended from a few representatives which came off the Ark. So all discussions about bio-diversity must have this as a starting point or the discussion is totally confused - as if we are talking about bio-diversity on two different planets.

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