Earths catastrophic past (plate techtonics) vs Hydroplate theory

in the past 5 years, I have had the wonderful privilege through visiting the creation museum in Kentucky of reading the earth's catastrophic past by Dr. Andrew Snelling, which I found to be an amazing book, albeit someone over my head in many scientific areas. and the book by Dr Brown concerning his theory on hydro plate explosion.

I have yet to see a discussion where both books are discussed or looked at. I do not want to start a thread where we pit one against the other. I feel both have great qualities and most likely great truths generated in the (I myself wonder if they are both right in some areas. and if reality is not somewhere in between them both)

I am hoping we can get some constructive conversation concerning the creation of mankind, and the great flood. and see Gods mighty hand at work in the formation of earth as we see it today.

so what are everyone's view of these theories. It has been a few years since I looked at Dr. Snellings book (I did read the Genesis book he stated he tried to update) I remember getting the same reaction from both (astonishment and amazement and Joy) how abut everyone else?

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Exactly as I predicted, he has again maintained his erroneous approach that elevates science above the simple sense of the language of Scripture. Sorry, noting that Lou has said below does any thing to back himself out of his subjection of Scripture to his interpretation of the observation of Science. He place science above Scripture - relentlessly.

Lou Hamby said:

Jim can you not read english.  What you said in your response has absolutely nothing to do with my response?  Yes you and I agree the bible means what it says and says what it means.  

I did not base my response on science per se, but observable evidence that is real and understood by mankind.  God, has left his footprints in the sand and we can be quite sure that what God did in the past is reflected in these days?  You equate the evidences with mankind, God left us real evidence, observable evidence, and you cannot deny the facts... your model and your inclusion is irrespective of GOds work.  THis is fail on your part.  Brother, we agree on many things my friend more than what you give me credit for, and you twist what well meaning men say to disenfranchise their views based on some sudo-hyper biblical view that misses the point that GOd not only is the author of the Word, and all things exist and consist in him, but you fail to understand that God and his work has evidence, real evidence Jim, nothing you've said can change that.  Sorry. 

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