Edens River description proves its paradise origin because modern rivers are only from the fall.

The bibles description of Edens river, seems, to say it flowed from somewhere and then became four heads for offshoots.

this is not how rivers work today. 

this shows the truth of genesis in that presenting its rivers description its unrelated to modern rivers.

All modern rivers/streams come in a fallen decaying wotld. They always get their source of water from holes in the ground.

The water falls from the sky and enters the ground. howeverr if a h*** exists water accumulates, won't penetrate itself, and so a pool is created. it overflows and flows downward and bumps into others etc.

or water at a high watertable will punch a h*** through the top and likewise flow downward. Some rivers come from the water bumping into a mountain and so not going into the ground is forced to flow down right away.

the point is that all three cases come because iof a unnatural interference with rainwater going into the ground. a unnatural h*** creates the pool source.

In perfect EDEN/world there would be no holes or failure from mountains.

So no rivers would exist as they do now.

So Edens river would be the only type. probably the flow coming from underground and then losing power.

ours gain power from small pools.

anyways Edens river is the natural paradise river/stream. The author got it right.

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