Excellent ICR article on flying critters but a few corrections.

ICR (Acts/factsjan) had a great article on flying non birds/insects by Brian Thomas.

A must read and keep for ICR highlights.

it brings up about frogs/snakes ability to glide/like flying from here to there.

The bible mentions the flying snakes of Arabia. Herodotus ,later, also mentions arabioa was known for this. This would be, i speculate, in canyons and not trees as to the south east . they probably are extinct now unless some expedition goes looking.

the snake was originally a walker. only the curse deleg the snake. So its only after the curse/fall could snakes glide. further I think no gliding snakes were on the ark.

so God no longer created after creation week. so gliding is aonly a adaption unrelated to God. Except within the blueprint of biology by way of genes.

So the same withy the rest. Before the fall there was no death. so no need for any creature to glide. its not God who created this DIRECTLY. any more then God created human colours.

Likewise I conclude bats are only post flood rats that took to the sky. Their flying is only marginally superior to other creatures gliding. Not a big deal. Also why no bat fossils below the k-pg boundary.

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