Fantastic ICR article on the flood boundary in the rock/fossil sequences. Fantastic

There was a fantastic ICR (acts/facts jan) article by Tim Clarey in which, it seems to me, a rare aggresive assertion was made by YEC researchers that the flood boundary , as indicated by fossils and rock stratas was at the k-Pg9formerly k-t) line.

this is very importabnt. Many YEC thinkers who reach audiences hjave said it was the ice age etc etc. In fact these YEC always have to explain why the mammal tyopes were at the top and dinos etc below. they did talk about faster runners etc etc.

Yet with it being the k-Pg line it eliminates this problem and many othyers.

That means all fossilized fauna/flora on top of the k-Pg line are from later events. A few centuries later at most.

This becoming a major tenet in yEC would change so much. it was, I understood, a minority opinion amongst thinkers.

I wish ICR would do a article explaining this whole issue.

Anyways great article Clarey  

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