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I'm taking psychology as my major in college. I'm reading a book called "Theories of personalities". I stumbled upon a behaviorist named B.F Skinner. He is an evolutionist. He proposed a theory that human behavior is determined by reinforcement and punishment only, not by free will because free will is an illusion. He also rejected the idea of motivation, beliefs, and perception to be determinant of human behavior.  According to the bible persepective, can we accept skinner's idea? What does the bible tells us about human behavior, nature and free will? Is our behavior determined by free will, God or by environmental factors just like what skinner's said?
Thank you and God bless you.

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I have decided that I really do have free will.

As far as your belief on this matter, you have free will to decide for yourself which way you will go (LOL)

Hope this helps.

Yup it's really difficult to proof since soul is invisible by human. Even psychology ( psyche : soul, logos: study) the study of soul has become the study of behavior.  It's really a hard battle, ha ha...anyway thanks for the reply.

Eric D Lloyd said:

Hey Norman, this is definitely a question that I've asked myself before. I think it comes down to this question: Do our thoughts and desires proceed from a soul within our body, or are our thoughts and desires products of chemical sequences in the brain? If man does not have a soul, then I don't see how he his will could be free. From what else could freewill proceed?

Basically, it comes down to a debate on dualism vs physicalism (debate on the existence of soul). And I think there are plenty of passages in scripture that speak about the soul.



To cut to the quick, evolution is a load of balony, and psychologies that are derived from it will likewise be balony.

As proof of my statement (above), I point out that materialistic ewvolution is a story about MATTER and how it has (supposedly) arranged itself over eons.  It is about MATTER and nothing more.  (Given the complexity of living things, it is also a very unbelievable story about matter, BTW!).

But whence then comes mental entities, such as mind, consciousness, free will, thoughts or feelings?  How can a story about MATTER (and matter exclusively) explain "mental stuff"?

The problem for them is that it can't..........oh, except by means of a magic word - "emergence".

However materialists still maintain that matter does what matter does which is conform to the dictates of the laws of physics.  This means that consciousness has no causal power in the material world (i.e. no top down causation), and this means that evolution (if it were true) could never select for consciousness (since it has no material affects).

Toi summarise all this:- there is ONLY one decent explanation for our consciousness (and other mental entities)........


......only total idiots (or people who haven't thought about it long and hard enough) believe otherwise IMHO



Just an anecdote,


I have a friend who was majoring in psychology.  At one point he determined and asked his instructor what the success ratio of psychology was - the answer he was given was about 10-25%.  He immediately changed his major. 


I have many reservations when it comes to modern psychology, though also great respect for crhistian psychologists.  I think they are even more in enemy territory than teachers.  Maintain your faith, and trust in God, Norman! 

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