Ok, so not the typical post but I know I get strong biblical advice here. My daughter is a recent believer and is fired up. She has to do a persuasive speech in high school and she wants to do it on Gods not dead. She gets 7 minutes.

I definitely don't want to squash her fire and tell her to do something else! I am proud of her. Age asked for help but I am not even sure where to start in what to put in a short 7 minute persuasive speech on how God is not dead!

I would love help or advice if you have any! Thank you soooo much!

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Perhaps she could show that for some people's lives God is distant and they have not experience with Him. But He is still there sustaining the world and giving new life day after day. God is protecting people for an appointed time when they will face Him in the judgment.

But I am too much a preacher.

The best way to persuade is by our own testimonial of the product or experience. You could more easily persuade someone to visit Niagara Falls, or the Grand Canyon if you could relate your own awe in seeing those things.

To try to provide scientific evidence that God exists is like trying to prove that gravity exists.

The format has a little to do with it. Is it a strict 7-minute speech, sit down, you're done, or is it more of an informal 7-minute speech with discussion afterward? It may be hard to fit into 7 minutes, but I always like the transcendental argument. Maybe she could focus on uniformity of nature (Dr. Jason Lisle's examples are both helpful and engage the audience with a little humor), and that would provide a good place to move into Jim's suggestion of God's sustaining power. I think God's sustaining work and presence everyday would be a very good point to hit on, and that was a big part of Paul's brief address at the Areopagus in Acts 17.

I also agree with Jim that testimony would be good.

Hopefully it's a more interactive format, because strict time constraints can sometimes keep thoughts from being expressed the way you want (for me at least).

Yes, Charles, it is a strict 7 minute speech with no discussion afterwards. The point of the speech is simply to teach the process, components, etc. of a pursuasive speech. Most students will choose very surface topics in order to simply show they know how to organize such a speech. The grading will be much more about understanding the components of a speech than the actual topic. She is choosing to go much deeper than most, I'm sure.

A lot of it has to do with her becoming a new believer (we adopted her) and being fired up. She wants to find ways to share her faith, which is awesome!!!!! She also happened to recently see the movie "God's Not Dead" which just has her thinking a lot. I know the movie isn't perfect but it challenged her to think about how important it is to stand up for our faith and not simply sit silent when the Holy Spirit is nudging us.

So, I don't want to discourage her but you are right, tackling it from scientific perspective is daunting and farrrr beyond her ability to understand. She understands scripture and that God has been beside her in a lotttt of tough times (far more than most her age) in her life. She understands that he forgives (because of scripture and she feels Him). Now trying to put that into words about how God is Not Dead is the challenge. 

A book at answers in genesis has been on clearance for years.  It is done in a cartoon format, but it boils down to only 1 supernatural creator makes sense, and he would have revealed himself to us.   By looking at what the holy books of Jews, Christians, and Islamics think about Jesus, one can see that the Bible/Christianity is right.  It's Me, the Professor, Fuzzy, and the Meaning of Life by David Pensgard for $5.99.  Perhaps making the basic points in the book, and adding her testimony.


Perhaps the best thing that your daughter can do is speak from her heart. Speaking from the heart usually gets the audience’s attention because an audience can relate to the effects of the heart. After all everyone in the audience will have a heart? The principle being how can God be dead if He lives in her heart? Usually a poem will convey more meaning in a 7 minute presentation than an essay which tries to cram as much as possible. Since she is fired up and a new believer then she has a ready-made source that should fill a 7-minute speech with either one or two poems. Psalms might be an inspiration for her!

Make the point the vast majority of mankind concluded there were superior beings that were invisible to us. man is smart enough to be quoted on this general conclusion.

God being dead is just a conclusion of a tiny tiny number of human beings in mankinds history. Does a head count matter?

Why mankind said this is because it obvious creation is so complex that it must be very intelligently made. Demanding a thinking being long before chance of bumps in the night.

Start with a primer of what evidence is. How evidence is used and what factors affect how evidence is interpreted.

Demonstrate that science has different rules of evidence that apply depending on what is being examined. Science maintains one rule of evidence for observable entities and phenomena and a different rule of evidence for unobservable entities and phenomena.

Establish that God by virtual of being unobservable the rules of evidence that apply to unobservable entities and phenomena would apply when examining the question of God.

Give examples of how the scientific rules of evidence works for unobservable entities and phenomenal with accepted entities or phenomenal.

Apply those rules in the same way to the question of God validating your application by demonstrating you are using the same process as for accepted unobservable entities and phenomena.

I hope this helps your persuasive speech.

7 minutes isn't long, so it could have:

  • One-minute introduction of the topic
  • Five-minutes on focus point (the reason for the topic and why you think they need to know this)
  • One minute summary

James (Jim) Brenneman said:

To try to provide scientific evidence that God exists is like trying to prove that gravity exists.

Better to begin by showing how some foundational part of the Bible is evidentially true, and how critics of that truth are wrong or ill-founded.


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