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According some media authorities, human evolution is the #1 topic of interest.

There is a good bit of Creationist material on the complexity of Cellular Life, and on Dinosaurs, and on Rate-based Dating Methods, and on Astrophysics and the "Big Bang" and on the Flood - but articles and material on Human Evolution is a bit sparse.

WE need to lay out a fairly exhaustive treatment of the topic, so, let's team up to address the myth of hominid evolution. What is the real science about human (anthropological) history?

There might be several bullet points that respond to the general argument that there's fossil evidence for human evolution. What should be the major bullet points? Help me out by adding either bullets, or more specific examples within the bullets.

We might also create a graphic of the progress of the chart of human evolution -

what did it look like from 1860 to 1900, then from 1900 to 1953 (the exposure of the Piltdown Fraud), then from 1954-1973, Then from Lucy to the present.

-make up a pretty chart like those shown in Time Magazine with all of the connecting lines and hominid fossils and where they show up on the evolution sequence.


-fossil sequence doesn't exist anyway because of next points, so this hominid sequence is fiction.  -then show this sequence doesn't exist because it's out of order because there ARE completely modern human fossils among, and before the hominid fossils. i.e., the Hadar knee, the Kadaba toe bone, the Laetoli footprints, Paluxy footprints etc...  Name other examples of modern human fossils out of place, or mixed in with the hominids


-similarity of organisms does not equal relationship.  Could be common ancestor, or common designer.  Both are equally valid arguments, in fact common designer is more likely because of other reasons listed here.

OFTEN ape-like remains are found in the habitations of fully human families, because they were being eaten by the humans.

-ape and humans may be very similar morphologically, but apes do not have human psychology, they don't bury with ceremony and flowers, they don't have flutes and so on. . .


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