Hooray for ICR. A teaching on human/ape likeness based on a common blueprint.

acts/Facts/June(ICR) had a article by Jeffrey Tomkins on human/ape likeness based on DNA.

i really enjoyed and applaud this article for it asserts that a common blueprint is behind human/ape likeness. They want to show the DNA is only some 80$ and not 99% as evolutionists say. For many reasons.

Yet the important point is not the dna score but why the likeness in the 85%. We are the only creatures who are 85% alike with other creature. No one else.

The creationist must note this and conclude we are uniquely that way because we uniquely are made in Gods image. We can't have a body plan to match our devine identity. 

so we simply have the best body plan to be found in natures general blueprint.

I welcome being 99% like a ape, except better looking, but in any case the scores tell the tale.


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