How Atheist Refute Themselves by Bringing up the Distant Starlight Problem

   This is just a thought that occurred to me. After I thought about how Blue Stars don't last that long and how the distant starlight problem is favored by the atheist I thought about this:

   Okay so Blue stars do not last very long and shouldn't last even 1 million years, yet when this problem is posed to an atheist they say that stars have recently formed. This is a different issue[1]. But the thing is, even if blue stars did form then the distant starlight problem would be refuted. Simply because if the stars recently formed and it takes billion of years for light to reach earth, then I would ask them to explain how recently formed star light reached earth so fast.

To summarize: If there are recently formed blue stars, then we shouldn't be able to see blue stars at all since it would take the light billions of years to reach earth. Yet blue stars are plainly visible even with the naked eye.

Comments welcome.

Disclaimer: I do not hold a Ph.D. in any field of astronomy, physics, or any other field that would be used or has been brought up in this article.


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light was created before suns and stars. so calculating light relative to creation week already has problems.

indeed the speed of light is suspect. The farthest stars right away were lighted from day three etc. so why should there be a light lag for us? the distance thing is speculative i think. other options are possible.

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