Howdy saints.

Here are some key videos that help describe the details of the HPT and help us understand how all that transpired prior, during, and after the global flood... explains what we NOW see in our planet.

1 - Intro, Genesis Flood Account, Pre-Flood Conditions & Assumptions, Deep Water, Continental Fit, Mid Ocean Ridge - HPT overview 1

2 - Super-critical Water, Subterranean Chamber, Fountains of the Great Deep, Origin of Asteroids, Comets, TNO, and Meteors - HPT overview 2

3 - Sedimentary Layers & Fossil Formation, Liquefaction, Mid Ocean Ridge Origin, Problems w/ Seafloor Spreading Theory - HPT overview 3

4 - Continental Drift, The Compression Event, Mtn., Magma Chamber, Plateau, and Grand Canyon Origins - HPT overview 4

5 - Mammoths & Tropical fossils found in Arctic, Earth's "Big Roll", 90-East Ridge Formation - HPT overview 5

6 - Ocean Trenches, Issues w/ Plate Tectonic Theory, Origin of Ring of Fire, Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Mantle Movement, Origin of 365 day year, Formation of Earth's Core, Review - HPT overview 6

This material has been of great help in understanding the things that we now see around us that typically gets attributed to millions of years, evolution, aliens, etc... hope this is of assistance!  All this information is from Bryan Nickle's Youtube page.  

Grace and peace to you all!


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Here are also specific videos that dig much more into different topics:

* Hydroplate Theory: Origin of Comets, Asteroids, Meteoroids, and Tra... - Also covers the origin of the moon's unique topography and orbital changes since the flood. Finally a statistical analysis of two very clock-like comets is show to give an approximate astronomical date of the Genesis flood.

* Hydroplate Theory: Origin of Earth's Radioactivity - For anyone interested in radiometric dating and the age of the earth. Shows the problems with using radiometric decay as an indicator of earth's age. This is based on his hydroplate theory of how the earth experienced a global flood as described in Genesis 6-9 (the flood of Noah).

Hydroplate Theory: The 90 East Ridge Location

Hydroplate Theory: Origin of the Grand Canyon - A unique mechanics-based failure analysis of the formation evidence for the Colorado Plateau and the Grand Canyon's catastrophic origin according to Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory.

Take your time and dig into all that is shared.

Grace and peace to you all.


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