Howdy everyone,

In this thread you will find different resources that help clarify the HPT as you dig to better understand it.

I am putting them in order of relevance:

1) Origin of Earth's radioactivity -

2) Excerpts of the video about the Global Flood and HPT:  (available for purchase or streaming here:

3) Smaller videos on the Hydroplate Theory

- newer version:

- another video with more information:

- older versions: (also here:;; and

4) Excerpt in of Horror of the Flood - (available for purchase here:*.html)

5) Latest video highlighting an overview of the HPT (6 parts combined) -

Related resources

* Debate with 2 evolutionists -

* Excerpt of problems with CPT -

* Flood of Noah (12 parts combined) -

* Earthquakes - (2 parts with 6 and 7 videos each)

* Earthquakes update 2012 -

Other resources

* Online 9th edition of "In the Beginning" -

* Facebook community page -

* Grand Canyon - The puzzle of the plateau (Available for purchase -*%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0.html)

Enjoy it! And let me know if you have any questions.


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Updates as of 2018

Here are really good HPT-related resources:

1) If you've ever wondered why rocks 'show millions of years' when being dated, take a look at:

2) Here is a great overview of the HPT:

2.1.) HPT's explanation of the Grand Canyon:

2.2.) HPT's explanation of comets, asteroids:

2.3.) HPT's explanation for the 90 East Ridge:

3) Full video about the HPT and comparisons to the CPT:

3.1.) Excerpts of the full 3-hr video:

3.2.) Highlight of one of the several CPTs issues and miracles needed:

Grace and peace to you all!


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