ICR acts and Facts makes great point about memory and "brain".

ICR Acts/facts aug had a great article on the brain by Jeffrey Tomkins.

The insight was about how glorious the memory was and recently realized all the more by researchers. Why did god give mankind such great memory ability?

First we must have the memory ability we were meant to have as a eternal living being in the first universe God created for us.

Yet still why so much if we were given a brain to help our soul in thinking?

i sugesst its because we have no brain. We only have a soul and a glorious memory. All claimed brain stuff is just a hardware for the memory.

We/our soul are stuck in our memory. Likewise Jesus was when born. Thats why he had to grow in wisdom as a kid. Because he couldn't remember the wisdom of when he was God.

we was stuck in a humans memory and it didn't allow his original memory.

Just like us.

I see also healing could be pushed ahead if all we had to do is fix the memory/triggering mechanism to fix all human thinking issues.

yes if we started with a soul concept we never would of created the brain concept.

The brain concept is really a evolutionist idea for human thought and being.

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