ICR acts/facts has beautiful article on convergent evolution.

ICR acts/facts(mar)had a beautiful excellent article on how convergent evolution, so invoked by evolutionists, is deadly damaging to evolutionary biology. By Randy Guliuzza.

Its a must read for a thoughtful creationist.

The main punch being its impossible for convergence in biology resul;ts between unrelated creatures from the mess/chaos of selection on mutation.

It just never would produce SUCH like results. its beyond unreasonable for what evolutionism demands.

Examples like eyes make the case.

I do wish YEC would expand this to say the convergence in marsupials with placentals proves they are the same creatures,at least a option, as otherwise YEC comes close to saying God created convergence gimself.

a marsupial wolf is just another dumb wolf pouch or not. also explaining the post flood migration problem of australia.

Likewise yEC needs to deal with snakes. this article rightly sees like responces for boas/pythons in nature with like body results. yet YEC should say there is only one kind of snake(on the ark) which they are shy of still.

Anyways convergent evolutionism is the soft underbelly of evolutionism error.

We should bang a drum on it.

Acts/facts really is a great magazine. 

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