ICR, Acts/Facts had a must read, must reflect, article by Dr. Randy Guiiuzza (May).

In it he makes a great case for how like traits across all types of creatures demands seeing it as a innate mechanism, already in the system, to explain this and a rejection of the desperate evolutionist idea of CONVERGENT evolution.

The future is about finding like traits in all of biology as creationism would predict from a general blueprint for biology. evolutionism will lose as more research is done.

NOW its YEC turn. YEC , including iCR, has not embraced that like traits, passing a threshold of likeness, demamnds seeing such creatrures as the same creatures.

i mean in the case of marsupials and even snakes. the marsuypial like traits is beyond a common blueprint but indicates marsupials and the rest are just the same creatures with a trivial local twist. thus explaining the uniqueness of marsupials in australia etc etc and not elsewhere while other elsewhere are not in australia. thus marsupial lions and wolves and mice are just regular lions, wolves, mice with a pouch.

Likewise with snakes YEC needs to accept/or explain away how snakes are not one kind from creation week or the ark. naughty naughty about ignoring the extension of the equation.

Evolutionism says convergent evolution explains marsupials and snakes! YEC must take them on in a cage match. 

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