ICR, Acts/facts,June, had a article by DR Jerry Bergman.on male/female differences as supported by scripture and science. It was important article but missed the big point.

Men were ceated to live for themselves and women only were created to help their husbands. otherwise they would of just been other men. With animals its only about reproduction.

Therefore women should not be motivated/ambitious as men are. they are not. Even today they are less motivated and this should create a difference in intellectual results in what each sex aims at.

So it should not be women are good at this and men good at that but instead men better always at anything they are interested in. its unnatural for women to compete successfully with men intellectually. Especially in a fallen world, or anyways. tHe motivated person should prevail over the less motivated. so a great curve should be shown. today women being pushed to be desiring careers etc brings a unnatural result in education and skewing in professions.

Yes all people can do all things. however the male/female identity is a dominant motivation on each soul. men should , by manly motivation, prevail over women in anything they put thier mind to at least on a curve. there should be a bell curve in this direction.

thats what the bibles teaches.

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