ICR(aug) acts/facts had great articles this month. I address one by James Johnston on polar bears.

He rightly says all bears are of a kind but then makes the claim canines are not of the bear kind.

he says there are no transitionals between bears and dogs.

this yEC insists canines(dogs), bears, probably seals are all of one kind.

We know all humans are of one kind but we have no transitional between whites and blacks and browns. instead all are in their finished results though from a original look.

Likewise creatures are made to fit niches. so there should be no transitional from a creationist stance.

We need to screw creatures down into more manageable KINDS.

Canines are bears. in fact the fossil record shows bears/wolves in many equations of anatomy.

They call them bear dogs etc.

Bears and wolves are creatures of smell. they look and act alike.

i strongly suggest the KIND include canines. Reproductive ability is not a proven, or good, direction in figuring out bio relationships.

there was no bears/canines on the ark. Just a kind from whence they both came from.

Anyways i suggest everyone read this months Acts/facts. it has great articles . Great summer reading.

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