ICR has its wings but needs to fly straight on feathered 'dinosaurs".

ICR's acts/facts (jan) had two articles on birds and dinosaurs relationship. Jerry Bergman and brian Thomas.

in one a great case is made how the old example of a dinosaur becoming a bird, the Archaeopteryx, has been demolished by better research EVEN by evolutionist biologists.

So its a bird built on creation week. Whoa. If so then why the teeth? Hard nuts and apples?

no it adapted to a post fall world and developed teeth i say.

then in the other article its denied their is evidence for dinosaurs with feathers. this to deny dinos became birds in some lineage. WHOA.

i see this as a major missed opportunity for YEC.

Its a chance to change the paradigm. its a chance to insist that kinds is what God created. YET a presumption is here that god made a division in nature called dinosaurs. NO! Thats a human incompetent classification claim.

therefore why not just say some lineages of so called dinosaurs are just flightless ground birds!? Why struggle against feathers and instead embrace the better research today that shows how bird like therpods etc were?!

Indeed a toothy bird, YEC accepts, becoming flightless would easily look like a theropod.

This because thats what a theropod was! in a pre flood world diversity in bird types just brought about T-rex and others but they are not dinosaurs or reptiles.

Just wiki wishbones!!! YEC should desire to find feathers on these "dinos" because they are just birds.

there were no dinosaurs. its a incompetent classification concept from centuries ago.

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