ICR's Acts/facts(nov) by Jake Hebert did a excellent job of debunking the ice age claims of lon time geologists etc. It did a great juob of suggesting the ice age came from volcanic action. I disagree that the flood is the origin of the this because one needs many centuries after the flkood to refill the earth with fauna/flora in a tropical environment.The ice age seems likely the result of massive volcanic eruptions un/down the Americas spine and possibl;y other places.

The fossils are the result of these volcanic eruptions where they got them. Then it interfered with the weather. Possibly its not a cold age but instead freezing rain episodes that created the ice accumulation. Yet never actually got that cold. This could be why mammoths etc had no problem surviving in Northern areas. it wasn't that cold. when it was over the cold came.

a great skewed weather suystem probably created the ice age and this from volcanic action and this from the rise/drop of the continents.

my speculation but loads of evidence. i don't think warming the seas from the flood year happened as such. otherwise fauna/flora could not migrate around the earth quick.

Anyways its a great step forward in creationist thinking about ice age origins .

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