If evolution (in the molecules to man sense) were true, then something so remarkably complex as humans, if produced by this "evolutionary process" surely should not be subject to death though senescence (the condition or process of deterioration with age).  After all, what "evolutionary advantage" is there to senescence?  And why would senescence occur?   If evolution could build something so complex, why can it not maintain it?

Under an evolutionary scenario there should be death only by accident, disease, or violence, but old age should not occur; rather, our cells should go on replicating repairs for ever.  This "evolution" that supposedly "created us over millions of year" is so puny that it cannot sustain us beyond a mere 80 or 90 years of age? 

Death through senescence (and death by any means) is clear evidence of the curse of Genesis Chapter 3 and the reality of God.  God created us to live for ever, but enforced a limit to our lifespans (though senescence) as a consequence of sin--and as a deliverance from this sin-cursed world (thank you Jesus!).

Of course we don't need this argument to believe in God, the evidence is all around us for God's reality and there is no logical explanation for the cosmos and all that is in it but that God created it and sustains it.  And of course evolution is not true; there are manifold reasons that it is not true, such as where did morals come from, where did our minds come from (as "evolution" would only operate on the material presumably), etc.

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