I recently saw part of “Prince of Egypt”. Like any movie about Biblical topics that I have seen, it is isn’t 100% true but it paints a vivid picture of God’s mighty works against Egypt’s pride and for his people that He promised to deliver. As I watched I thought of how dramatic the Exodus really was. It is surprising that the Bible is the only source I know of for that event. I wish I knew more about ancient history, especially the pre-Roman times. From what little I have seen and studied the time of Moses (and shortly afterward, obviously) seems to have been a turbulent time with long-standing cultures, empires, and dynasties crumbling and new ones being born; the Bible and the archaeological record agree on this. Does anyone have information or resources about this time period?

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There are a number of excellent biblical archaeology sources that start with the Bible as the basis for understanding the ancient world. One of the best is Associates for Biblical Research. An example of one of their researched studies is here: http://www.biblearchaeology.org/post/2011/03/24/The-Influence-of-th...

I do recall a number of excellent articles on the chronologies of ancient empires in the AiG resources, and I would guess you could access those documents there. AiG would have some good books too. They probably have a book on ancient civilizations and early technology. I do remember reading a book that I bought at a creation conference within the past 10 or 12 years. Contacting some of the Master Book people here might help steer you toward other great resources.

Egypt itself is undertaken well in "unwrapping the pharoahs" which AIG has available in their online book section.



There was an interesting article here in which a Jewish archaeologist put forth what she claims is external (non-Biblical) proof that the Exodus was real.  You might find it helpful, though it is very brief.

Thanks everyone, very interesting. Moses is such a rare kind of hero, one that has just the right combination of humility and boldness. He also was a great historian and writer. The most important thing about him is that he valued the word of God; he did not live by bread alone. The Exodus is so inspiring from both a physical perspective (nothing like it has happened before or after) and a spiritual one.

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