I was very proud to hear one of my teenage girls repeating something I often say.

We watching a segment on the Discovery Channel about volcanoes when the narrator was pointing out that the lower layers of the mountain were several million years old. My youngest daughter immediately committed, "There is no way they could possibly know that."

It bothers me that the Discovery Channel (and many others) refuse to give the creationists' point of view.

I explained to my teenage girls that my late grandfather told me he was born in 1905. I know he would not lie to me, therefore, I know the world is that old.

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I usually have a running dialogue in my mind as I watch these kinds of programs.

They say "millions of years"; I am thinking to myself "no it isn't". It is really amazing how often they try to project millions or billions of years without question within a single program, even on the smallest and seemingly unimportant points.

But every now and then you can be watching a program and they acknowledge God as creator and it always catches me by surprise since I don't expect it in a culture so geared toward removing the importance of God in our lives, but it also makes me feel good that there are people who acknowledge Him in their work and through their words.
One of my favorite places to visit is a Zoo--until you read the signs, which are covered with evolution teaching and 'zillion' of years. How can you look at Gods creation and try to give all credit to an explosion.
I love to hear kids identifying flawed arguments like that! This is what I try to teach my 6th grade students to do. I'm always asking them the question, "Do they think that, or do they know that?"

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