Some might remember my post from about two years ago, as I was searching rock grinding methods for microfossils.

I finally found a published paper on rock grinding methods from a University in Arizona, plz check it out if you are interested. I am thinking about procuring the materials to add to my personal home laboratory. The link is below.

Anyways, if you have followed me this far I have been specializing in microscopy for college, lab testing, and am learning some histology/bacteriology. I have not found a way to micro core dirt or stone, but think I might have found cheap methods. Some Creation Experiments I am looking into include Bone density studies, soft tissue experiments, flora&fauna percentage counts (of fossilized Protista), glacial deposit micro-coring, and basically playing around with light microscopy with fossilized specimens.

I know it is a well established field, but I thought it'd be nice to re-create simple methods so Creation Science Enthusiasts could do citizen science. It is also useful in dating pottery for archaeology, as I know clay pots are dated this way. If is interested in. Collaborating plz let me know!

This Is a lobby term project of mine, and I am looking to:

- Develop accessible micropaleontology experiments for kids.

- Foster Creation Based fossil strata data

- Just have fun and Christian Fellowship!

- Create meaningful fossil collection, that is easily accessible to most persons (microfossils can be more diverse and abundant).

Anyways, if anyone has lapidary tools/skills and is willing to share their expertise, I am procuring and have current access to light microscopes. I won't catch you by message here, this is linked to my ancient email. Plz message me at:

Lastly, currently I am extremely busy, so I'll make sure to reply, just know I don't have the resources yet, I'm just writing out plans and researching.

God Bless,

Noah Barker


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I meant to say I found lapidary methods, not coring methods ugh phone typing sucks. Lol.

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