This is something I wrote discussing and dissecting the different views on Genesis Chapter 1 - Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions on things to change.



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I read your analysis of the various worldviews of creation currently in the church and you seem to have covered all the bases that I can think of with regards to Christian’s view of creation. You gave reasons why each doesn't make scriptural sense and the one which does. Maybe it would be useful to show how each one holds up to our human experience. I can only touch on some of it in this post.


Worldview conflicts can be tested and resolved by comparing and determining which worldview can account for the most basic assumptions of human experience and reality: the preconditions of intelligibility such as laws of logic, morality, etc. The test is called the AIP test because it examines each worldview’s inherent Arbitrariness, Inconsistency, and its ability to account for the Preconditions of intelligibility


The AIP test can be used on all worldviews to determine their merits. Each of the worldviews can be tested as to whether they are arbitrary, inconsistent, and/or cannot account for the preconditions of intelligibility. This will either qualify them or disqualify their claims to being the fundamental standard in which to judge. If the worldview in question cannot account for even one of the most basic facets of reality, it must be false. A more detailed explanation of the AIP test is found in the resources given in the reference at the end of this post.


If we take some examples of preconditions of intelligibility we find the following:


Evolutionary world view - preconditions of intelligibility
Evolution is based on naturalism through materialism, but laws of logic are not matter; they are not part of the physical universe. Therefore laws of logic cannot exist if materialism is true.  Information doesn’t exist if materialism is true. How can evolutionists account for absolute standards of reasoning like the laws of logic, or morality? In an accidental evolutionary universe why would there be universal, unchanging standards? Logic, morality should be evolving becoming good, bad or obsolete depending on circumstances.


The gap theory, Day age theory, Progressive Creationism, Theistic Evolution - preconditions of intelligibility
people under these views profess to believe in the Christian God, and they claim to have a basis for the laws of logic, but they don’t because the laws of logic are a reflection of the way God thinks. God has revealed his thoughts in His word, the Bible. We are able to think logically because God has made us in His image according to Genesis.  But evolutionary thinkers reject Genesis or a straight forward reading of it, so they have no reason within their own worldview to suppose that we are able to pattern our thoughts after God’s. Nor do they believe God has accurately recorded His thoughts in the Scriptures, since they reject portions of the Scriptures. Laws, morals, uniformity evolves so there is no basis for absolutes.


Christian Creationist world view - preconditions of intelligibility
In the Christian worldview, one can make sense of universal morality because God’s character reflects ethical law.  In the Christian worldview, one can make sense of the uniformity of nature, because God promised to hold the world up in an orderly and consistent fashion.  In the Christian worldview, one can make sense of universals and laws, because God is intrinsically logical.  The biblical Christian worldview can account for the whole of human experience, reality, and the physical and the abstract. The Christian can account for the laws of logic; we have a universal standard of reasoning because almighty god has revealed some of god’s thoughts to us.


The question of which biblical view is correct is done by evaluating worldviews and determining which succeeds in maintaining consistency, non-arbitrariness, and accounting for the preconditions of intelligibility.  Only the biblical Christian worldview fulfills such philosophical and practical criteria.


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