ICR, acts/facts, had a important article on a subject that does help YEC. Jeffrey Tomkins/Tim Clarey/sept.

The interesting point is about a kind of bird found in fossil in Americas but now only living in Africa.

they conclude the bird fossil is from the flood year. i say this is wrong. Rather bird types surely are not the same as they were on the ark. Yes the dove, raven but not everuything. surely the birds changed and its unlikely this bird ever was on the ark as is.

Instead its better to see a great diversity explosion after the flood and easily they would travel both ways. In fact all biology traveled rapidly everywhere and the modern segregation is just reflection on a poor dying earth ever since.

The k-t line should be the flood line. They are saying the cenozic, above the line, is the flood line.

I see this as very wrong and YEC needs to control what was on the ark.

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