We have a special request of you. A friend of Creation Conversations has made us aware of an upcoming conference entitled Biblical Faith in an Age of Science. On April 12th a panel of distinguished guests will offer "informed perspectives from biblical scholarship, the history of Christian thought, and modern science to address these vexing modern questions."

At least one of the event speakers has recently spoken out against the Biblical account of Creation our community supports. This event reminds us that we are in a battle to preserve the truth. Please join us as we ask the Father, our Creator to prevent the destruction and distraction aimed against the authority of His Word in any form. May His power and love reign supreme over untruths. We ask that His mighty hand shut the mouths of those who are against Him in any form. We ask that His truth be spoken and heard by ALL. For His glory, may the Bible be honored as His inspired and infallible Word.

Add your prayers to ours in private or post them here in the community.

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Clearly the world of evil has made inroads in making creation seem untrue. It amazes me that so many "so called" experts deny creation with no real proof but speculation and theory. It is clear that God has given over many to their depraved minds. That said I think these forums and conferences to discuss and relate creation are so very important. But we must not lose faith when there are those that only God can open and soften the heart set on disparaging creation and the Biblical account. I pray that this conference will most of all glorify God. Good luck and may God bless those who speak and open the hearts of those unwilling to see the truth.

Thanks for the information. 

According to the website informational, this conference is being brought to the university in part by Ratio Christi.  As much as I would sincerely like to support that particular organization, its leadership has already shown a general pattern of distancing themselves from young-earth creationism.  I may be mistaken, but I cannot think of one account where they have invited a young-earth creationist to speak at their events.

Thaks for the info Michael. I did not know who was sponsoring the conference. It is sad to see christians not take the Word of God at face value. may God be glorified in any case. He is worthy of worship and praise :)

Awhile back, I realised there are only two things on this Earth on which I can thoroughly rely: gravity and God (not, of course, in that order!).

I'm 53 and have always considered myself to be logical (left over from my Star Trek fan days, when I was an atheist) and WHYOHWHY was no-one else logical?!

Stupid of me, but it finally occurred to me the other day that, surprise, surprise, I am NOT logical in many of the things I do.

So why should I expect other Human Beings to be logical?

Given that Archbishop George Pell, the Head of the Catholic Church in Australia, night before last on the ABCs Q&A programme, in a debate with Richard Dawkins, stated that Adam and Eve were a Biblical myth, why should we be surprised that empty vessels make the most sound in other places such as the upcoming conference mentioned above?

That's why we must all depend on God for everything.

He can easily do what we cannot.  And He abhors lies and is Truth.

Lord God, in Your Infinite Wisdom, please have the Holy Spirit descend on all the participants and let them have Your Knowledge and know the True History of the Universe.

Let them also understand that Your Word, in the Bible, is infallible.  Awaken them, Lord God, to be one in the Spirit, to preach the Truth to all the Nations, and to always be able to give proof to Your Creation in six days.

Thankyou, Lord, for loving us as You do.  We ask You to forgive all of us our sins and keep us pure.


Lord let not the Redeemed be fooled, but keep our eyes open and our ears listening to what the Spirit teaches. He leads us into all truth. But for any sceptics, unbelievers, any ignorant from a lack of teaching, gives them eyes to see and ears to hear and discern the misinformation, the disinformation. Shut the mouth of the liars and deceivers - the gods of this age - who would promote no accountability for sin - knowingly or unknowingly. Save us from ourselves, Lord. Embolden and empower us to give accurate debate, information, and persuastion for the hope that is in us. And that you, not Chance, have created us and predestined us - through your intricate "Intelligent Design", your evern present, personal, craftsmanship. We not only acknowledge it, we glorify the works of your hands!  

The onslaught against the Truth of the Bible continues unabated in many parts of the world. But it is most saddening when that assault comes from within the ranks of Christendom. Whilst some people on earth may be deceived, we know for certain that Christ Our Lord is not!!

Our God and Father who is living in heaven. You sit enthroned over your creation, with Jesus at your right hand side. He is The Word, by whom and through whom all creation came into existence and is upheld. Through his sacrifice on the cross have we who believe been redeemed and translated into your heavenly kingdom, waiting for the time you have appointed to bring all mankind to judgement.

We pray, Father in heaven, that  those of the faith may not be deceived by the false preachers and teachers that are even now in this world going about the business of their leader, the Devil. We pray that those attending the conference tomorrow will submit to your authority and wisdom. May those who listen in to what is being said be given the minds of Christ, so that they may discern Truth from Lies and wisdom from arrogance. May your word, which is from everlasting and is eternal, guide us into all truth so that the antichrists of this world, whereever they are found, may not take away our rewards and the prize of eternal life that awaits us at the return of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. Keep us in your grace and mercy at all times. In Jesus name we pray, Amen 

Why was this particular conference singled out when there are similar ones going on fairly frequently?  Are we competent to judge the real situation of someone's heart regarding the Lord, even if we disagree with their position on an issue? To assume someone is being led by the Devil seems to me to be rather presumptuous.

All false teachers and preachers are being led by the Devil. It is not a case of being presumptuous but of following and believing what the Bible itself teaches.

The rabbinical leaders of Jesus’ day are an example of teachers being led astray by the Devil. Read John 8: 39-47. Note Jesus’ words in vs 44.

The Apostle Paul spoke of false teachers as deceivers being led astray by the Devil and warned Christians about them. Read 2 Cor 11: 1 – 15. Note vs 13, 14 and 15.  

The Apostle John gave an incisive but dire warning of such people, calling them “antichrists”, not meaning that they were against Christ but rather that they were taking the place of Christ, trying to supplant Christ with themselves! Read 1 John 2: 18 – 27.

To me it is clear; anyone who knowingly teaches anything that is NOT scriptural is a false teacher. And even if they claimed to be prophets or performed miracles I would not believe them. Christ gave us this warning in Matt 7: 21 – 23.

It is incumbent upon us as followers and believers in Christ to “rightly divide the word” so that we are not misled. To me the choice is one of either following Christ or following the Devil. Becareful, not everything that sounds biblical is scriptural!

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