On November 19, 2014, Biologos published an article by Daniel Stork Banks called "Confessions of a Failed Young Earth Creationist."  In this article, Banks gives his testimony of why he converted from YEC to OEC.  My video response to this article can be seen below:


Be sure to leave any input you want either in the comments section of my video, or in this forum here.

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Justin---I am a little perplexed at your response about species or kinds?  Here is the issue and it I ahve had many exchanges with experts from the YEC movement, and based on what "I" have had back and forth on ...  I ahve to say that there is a lot of confusion about kinds.

Whether you put them at the family level as does Kind or if you would be ok with Species level such as Bodie and other YE creationists have in their exchanges matters little Justin?

So my direct communications on this site with Dr. Purdome she made it quite clear when speaking of Mammoths, Mastodons, Miniature Mammoths and 4 tusk elephants, African elephants and all known elephantine species wether extinct in the fossil record or existing today, would have come from the offspring of one pair of elephant kind?

When I ask for a description of an elephant kind, its morphology, she said she did not know what they would have looked like?  So this also implies that no mammoth or mastodons lived prior tot he flood.  They were not created by God, but a specific Elephant kind was.

SO one must assume based on what we know that the elephants kind on the Ark was heterozygous and had a mix of DNA gene information that could produce various species off the Ark?

SO my first inclination is to state Justin. any species of known animal has never ever produced a new species from a paring of a M/F.  In other words we have never seen an alligator produce a croc or visa versa.  This is impossible becAUse DNA information is fixed?

THe only way observable changes in a species is when a male/Female from two similar species hybridize and produce fertile young.  while this is rare it has been observed in nature.  How ever using the Goode's Horned lizard for instance the cross between a flat tail honed lizard and a Desert horned lizard produced a blending of the information.  But its still a Horned Lizard, its not a bearded dragon, or some completley new type of species.  Only the DNA in both parents can produce.  

SO if indeed experts in YEC culture believe that all species of cats, Elephants, Dogs, cave bears, Glyptodonts, etc. came from on Kind, this transformation with in the context of offspring has never ever been observed Justin.  Also it is impossible for fixed DNA to suddenly produce any thing new.  

I am not posting this to be argumentative, like the young man you posted about and felt you needed to respond to his observations. So can you produce a genetic pathway for this to happen?  Because Dr. Purdome spoke of hybridization but had no other response with respect to the subject?  You evidently believe that Parent kinds could produce a multiplicity of new species, with no explanation or scientific observation for this type of DNA could produce new species?  So I understand his delima?



I think one key aspect is that due to some faulty models to help explain what we see in the natural world, one is left with 'no other alternative but become an OEC'.

The Hydroplate Theory helps to boil down why it is that 'the rocks show millions of years'... or explain what is observed in the Grand Canyon...

I recently updated some links that can be of reference for one to dig deeper and understand it.

Grace and peace to you all.

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