So, I receive a comment from a user of Creation Conversations on my profile saying that the person had something important to discuss with me and that she'd rather do it via email. The comment was deleted before I could reply.

   She was offering me to pose as some allegedly deceased person (who actually isn't), and just because we both have the last name she wanted me to pose as next of kin to obtain half of his $5.5 million account - which is fraud, a Class A (aka First-Degree) felony.

   She tried to appeal to my belief in God which didn't work because she wanted me to sin (violate the 9th Commandment). She failed logically (contradicted herself, claimed a person was dead when, after some research, found out he isn't, also a similar email was on the Scam Warners website, the only difference was the amount of offered money and the name of the alleged 'victim'), morally, legally (said it was legal which I don't see how when it's a Class A felony), and overall just failed.

   I'm sure if most of you know this but if you get a comment on your profile saying that someone they have something to discuss with you privately it's more than likely a scam, especially if the comment got deleted. I only could read the comment because I was notified via email about it. When I went to check my profile comments were completely empty.

The user is Stella Kwale. So watch out for her especially.

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We have disabled her account and suspended for spam. Thank you for your notification.

If anyone receives spam or solicitations via your inbox or notice something of that effect posted in the forum please notify me via inbox or messenger and we will deal with the situation accordingly. Thank you and God Bless!


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