Good day everyone,

     I am approaching the final stages of publishing a book on Baraminology and Created Kinds. I have placed a description of the book with an outline of Chapter Titles and Sub-Chapter Headings at . I would appreciate ideas, comments, and suggestions on how to improve the book or what topics to add to the existing outline.

     I am hoping to make this the book I needed 25 years ago when I was in college and fell for the concepts of Evolutionism.

Thank you,

Todd Elder

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Cool and Lord bless. its great to see intellectual interest being done here and the books existence alone can sir others up.

This yEC does see created kinds as difficult to figure out but boundariescan be done.

We know there is a snake kind because all snakes lost their legs under the curse. So snakes are one kind. So one pair on the ark. So later diversity between spitters and squeezers must have a mechanism unrelated to Gods creating hand.

There must of been a primate kind since we aree a copy of it.

There was the two bird kinds on the ark. So birds are not a kIND and there are kinds within the bird type.

I see very few kinds and so I see bears, seals, wolves, hyaenas others as within one kind.

likewise cats, civets, and so on.

Likewise marsupials are just the same creatures as elsewhere but with the minor differences of reproduction etc. So marsupiasls didn't herd into Australia from the ark but simply changed upon reaching there.

Marine mammals likewise are land creatures from kinds off the ark who adapted to a emptied post flood seas.

I say mammals and reptiles and dinosaurs are not God created groups but error in classification. There are just KINDS. So likeness between creatures , like being hairy or laying eggs is irrelevant. There are no mammals. Its a fable.

Modern YEC is not grouping creatures together better then in the past. not enough but on the right track.

Sell a million eh. In canada too.

I have made a SlideShare presentation for this book (19 slides) ... at:

I had trouble getting it.

Which did you have trouble getting to (the outline or the slideshare)? Both seem to be working (even with myself logged out).

Todd Elder said:

Which did you have trouble getting to (the outline or the slideshare)? Both seem to be working (even with myself logged out).

the whole link but i will try it again.

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