What is the relationship between Chapter One and Chapter Two of the book of Genesis?

I'm not very good at knowing what is off-topic, nor simply realizing that something is off-topic. This is especially a problem when I don't particularly know what the topic is in terms of its general range of subject.

But I did not want for Jim's topic to be hijacked. He would know if that happened. I presume that that did happen, because he closed that thread.

And Jim keeps saying that Lou keeps hijacking threads.


I intend for the present thread to (1) be Jim's topic, and (2) to not get hijacked.

To that end, I am going to employ the following two rules for myself in relation to Lou:


1. In the present thread, in order to hope to keep it from being hijacked away from Jim's topic, I am going to very simply ignore any given post made by Lou, unless or until Jim PM's me telling me otherwise for that post.

2. I am going to start a separate thread, appropriated titled, dedicated to replying to Lou. In that Lou-centered thread, I will reply to Lou at my convenience, as opposed to just replying to Lou because he posts in a thread conducted by Jim.


For the present thread, its OP shall begin with Jim's OP of the thread he shut down (see below), and then shall explain my difficulty with understanding as to what is it topic range.

I do not know if Jim will participate in the present thread. But I predict that Lou will be inclined to post as he usually does. My hope is that, if Lou does post to the present thread, then Lou will manage to abide the topic (see my first rule for myself above).



Jim's OP:

 What is the Relationship between Chapter One and Chapter Two of Genesis?

How does the answer relate to the view of this forum - that all things in all the universe were created within the Six Days of the Creation week, about 6000 years ago?

This is such a broad question (or such an ambiguously worded meaning) that I have no idea what is the range of the topic that Jim has in mind here. I suspect that Lou, likewise, finds it so ambiguous

In the original thread, started by Jim, I did not know what Jim had particularly in mind in the OP. I still don't.

I only know what I have in mind---the particular things that I see in Genesis 1 and 2 that can be expressed in the words of Jim's OP. Those things answer to those words, just like a tall man answers to 'tall'.


But I am aware that people can see things in G1 & G2 that I generally do not. So I am not sure if my replies in Jim's now-closed thread were firmly on topic. And I presume that Lou simply had a congruent impression: that the topic perfectly allows the kinds of posts he made to that thread. And I simply replied to some of what Lou posted.


Nevertheless, Jim should have a thread that does not get hijacked. And I am convinced that he is at least as rightful a community member here as is either Lou or I.

...and Lou's efforts here seem to me to be productive to the community mainly in terms of how those efforts exercise my own thinking. Hence, the present thread with my two rules upon myself.

To Lou: In the thread which I am about to begin dedicated to my replying to you, I shall begin its OP with something that you last said to me in Jim's now-closed original thread.

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