What is the Relationship between Chapter One and Chapter Two of Genesis?

 What is the Relationship between Chapter One and Chapter Two of Genesis?

How does the answer relate to the view of this forum - that all things in all the universe were created within the Six Days of the Creation week, about 6000 years ago?

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Lou has derailed my thread again. It is about Genesis One in relation to chapter two. He has diverted it to his on-going onslaught against our statement of faith.

More wild accusations that Creationists are saying that those who believe in Evolution are not saved.  Apparently he believes that and so he accuses us of it as if we are like him.

Then the lie is repeated that early creation pioneers believed the earth was 10 or 20 thousand years old - when in fact they only "allowed" this, and said that the UNIVERSE - not just the earth was NO MORE THAN 10 or 20 thousand years old. Lou is not YEC. . . YEC believe that the whole UNIVERSE, everything is no more than 10 or 20 thousand years old. The "heavens and the earth" were all created in the six days of the creation week.

I am forced now to close the discussion.

I removed my responses to Lou. I moved them to a separate thread devoted to Lou's Derailing attacks. They are always the same false claims, the same false charges. So It is easier just to keep all of Lou's digressions in a special location.

I will reopen this thread IF AND WHEN HIS DIGRESSIONS are removed.

But how can Lou remove them if the thread is closed? He can simply contact me by Private Message, letting me know that he will return to civility and I will reopen the thread so he can click delete on his comments that are off-topic


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