What Limits Biological Change? - Video at Baraminology Quest

Any thoughts on what this video is currently lacking?

What limits the amount of variation that occurs within a kind and prevents evolutionary change?  Come watch the new Baraminology Quest video at: https://youtu.be/vDPkk1TtGCQ

In short, Information codes like DNA require intelligence, genetic mistakes like mutations do not build up anything new, and an extremely small tolerance for change in the genetic code.

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Interesting video! I thought It was great. Maybe in another video you could touch on GMO's, maybe you have. but I can't recall seeing much info on that from other people like AIG besides some Creation research papers on Ecoli mutations.

Thinking along the lines of DNA sequence injections in corn, and why it is different than for example the hypothetical Eukaryotic swallowing of pre-Mitochondrial cells. Here's a cool article I found: https://gmo-awareness.com/all-about-gmos/gmo-defined/.

Great video!

GMO's might be a topic to consider. BUT ... since it is not naturally occurring, it does nothing to directly help or hinder the creation and evolution debate ... it falls outside of what evolution could do (if it even existed). Thanks for the link.

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