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If Evolution Were True

If evolution (in the molecules to man sense) were true, then something so remarkably complex as humans, if produced by this "evolutionary p…

Started by Paul Harvey Allerding

6 May 12
Reply by Jim Brenneman

Noah=23/38, Boat=23/38 - Simple6,74 English7,74 Gematria8,74

The Bible was written with Hebrew (& Aramaic) gematria and Greek isopsephy. They didn't have separate numerals then, their alphabet dou…

Started by Brad Watson

4 May 9
Reply by Gary Murray

John the Baptist born Nov. 12, 7 BC, Jesus son of Joseph born April 17, 6 BC, Mary Magdalen born May 8, 2 BC

Jesus son of Joseph was born on Saturday (Sabbath) April 17, 6 BC - he was an Aries the Ram/Lamb. See the 1988 video by astronomer Jack Hor…

Started by Brad Watson

0 May 9

ICR and the flood boundary need more boundaries.

IN ICR's Acts/facts(May) Tim Clarey had a intelligent, important article on thoughtful YEC researchers about when the flood occurred relati…

Started by Robert Byers

3 May 8
Reply by Jim Brenneman

Developing a Testable Scientific Model of Created Kinds

"For too long, the secular science community has been able to accuse the creation science community of not being able to define a created k…

Started by Todd Elder

13 May 6
Reply by Jim Brenneman

Pastor At My Parent's Church Compromises On The Bible's Teaching On Origins

Back in mid-february, I attended a creationism seminar that my parent's church was holding at the church office.  I had no clue what my par…

Started by Justin Derby

0 Apr 27

Earths catastrophic past (plate techtonics) vs Hydroplate theory

in the past 5 years, I have had the wonderful privilege through visiting the creation museum in Kentucky of reading the earth's catastrophi…

Started by Bryan Brodess

25 Apr 27
Reply by Jim Brenneman

Too Many Airports, Not Enough Pilots

Do creation museums really reach that many people? Are there better ways to get information to believers and to reach unbelievers? Would ne…

Started by Todd Elder

2 Mar 26
Reply by Todd Elder

A Thought on Design

So we often speak of the creation as showing evidence of design and rightly so, but in a way it bugs me to say that God designed all of thi…

Started by Paul Harvey Allerding

1 Mar 25
Reply by Douglas Roy

The Light Thing Again

So I had yet another thought about light. Without rereading my previous questions and the answers given in them, I remember asking about wh…

Started by Dan

11 Mar 25
Reply by Douglas Roy


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