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ICR acts/facts and the bear facts and some facts could bear more .

ICR(Acts/factsAug) had a interesting article on the famous bear dogs found in fossils above the k-t line. by Brian Thomas. I say creationis…

Started by Robert Byers

6 Aug 10, 2018
Reply by Robert Byers

Hydroplate Theory (HPT) links

Howdy everyone, In this thread you will find different resources that help clarify the HPT as you dig to better understand it. I am putting…

Started by Lou F. Reyes

1 Aug 10, 2018
Reply by Lou F. Reyes

The Fossil Record

How do  creation scientists differentiate between fossils laid down by the Flood and fossils NOT laid down by the Flood? My questions arise…

Started by Robert Driskell

7 Aug 10, 2018
Reply by Robert Byers

Censored Science, by Bruce Malone

Excerpts from the book Censored Science, by Bruce Malone             Life itself is divided into three enormous groupings, Bacteria, Archae…

Started by Mel Kirk

0 Aug 8, 2018

Predictions: Red Shift prove Evolution?

So I've been trying for two days now to find some relevant information to help me make an informed reply to someone, but I can find anythin…

Started by Dan

5 Jul 30, 2018
Reply by Robert Driskell

The Utah Outcasts Call Me A Liar, Then Disagree With Each Other About It

So on July 19, the Utah Outcasts (an atheist podcast) put out a hit piece on me where they accused me of being a liar, a troll, and an idio…

Started by Justin Derby

0 Jul 26, 2018

Light and Infinite Energy, and From the Beginning to the End

If it would take an infinite amount of energy to reach the speed of light (Time-Travel Lisle, Dec 2015), then wouldn't it also take an infi…

Started by Dan

1 Jul 19, 2018
Reply by Robert Byers

There is no mention of women in heaven in the bible?

Skeptic posted this question on a website the other day, and I wanted to know how would you guys respond to this.

Started by Juan Prince

9 Jul 14, 2018
Reply by Robert Byers

Requests for Baraminology Quest Youtube Channel

I am going to be launching the Baraminology Quest channel on youtube soon. What questions would you like me to cover in the early episodes?

Started by Todd Elder

3 Jun 12, 2018
Reply by Robert Byers

Was there rainbows beforee the flood? NO!

Was there rainbows before the biblical flood? NO! God said the bow in the sky was a contract and so its impossible that it existed before t…

Started by Robert Byers

0 Jun 11, 2018


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